Big Maggie May Trail

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Big Maggie May Trail is a 5.7 mile out and back trail located near Cave Creek, Arizona and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.

5.7 miles
1,141 feet
Out & Back

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off road driving
5 months ago

This was a perfect fit for a late morning start for a couple of us jeep gals. We didn't go to the cabin we choose to go towards the mine, testing our skills :) I have a stock LJ with 33's and her's is a JK with 33's also, but she has a 2-3" lift if I remember right. Both vehicles had no problems at all. Great scenery also. I would go back just to be able to go down and check out the cabin.

off road driving
6 months ago

This was a fun shorter trail with two options. Staying left and going to the cabin was fairly easy. Going right to the mine is NO JOKE. If you're in a jeep it wouldn't be bad, but a longer vehicle is difficult to manage the tippy shelf corners that are washing out a bit. I would not try the mine trail in a stock SUV or road motorcycles (long story). Also, from waypoint 3 to 4 there are sections that you have to commit to and not much for turnarounds or two way traffic. Coming back was a bit harder than going from WP3 to WP4.

off road driving
9 months ago

Great trail, reasonable vehicle should have no problem. We tried a side trail and ran into a very difficult side-hill switchback. Would have given it a try if we weren’t solo. Had to back out 100 yards and do a difficult turn around. Note on map.

off road driving
Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Definitely a fun one. There were a few spots that I wouldn't have been able to do without my Jeep (with the Jeep, easy).

off road driving
Thursday, January 19, 2017

Moderate trail. 2 or 3 sharp turns which makes visibility difficult. Stock SUV is more than capable (take it easy of course). There are some trails that lead off the main trail (did not venture). There is enough open area at the end to make great camp site.

off road driving
Saturday, April 30, 2016

did this trail about 3 years ago and I agree the sharp turn switchbacks are no joke. you need to articulate well here. it's very narrow and dues get your adrenaline going for sure. over all great trail, seeing the old cabin remains at end is cool too.

off road driving
Wednesday, April 06, 2016

I had an epic adventure going from I-17 and Bloody Basin Rd., to Sheep Bridge for camping, Big Maggie May trail, seven springs, and eventually through Carefree.

Regarding the Maggie May trail, I followed the gps coordinates provided by "Guide to Arizona Backroads & 4-Wheel-Drive Trails"

Just before waypoint 4 there are two narrow, tippy ledges. Do not take my words lightly, this part was scary as shit in my Tundra. I mention this because maybe something with a smaller footprint would have a different view. You can't turn around at this point and when you get to WP4 you have to come back and cross them again!!!
Observe your obstacle and think a minute before you take them on!

Overall an easy/medium trail with a few rocky hills and the two ledges. If you do the same journey I mentioned in this review you will be amazed with the variety of scenic views and terrain.

Rock crawlers come for the scenery. It will not be a challenge, although you will get your chances to play!

Awesome experience!


off road driving
Monday, August 25, 2014

A fun and nice long trail that goes on for miles! There are a couple wash water areas, which were fun going through. Was hoping for more water and or muddy areas, especially with the amount of rain our last monsoon produced. Overall, four out of five.

The temperature from the city was 102 and on this Big Maggie May trail, it dropped down to 79 degrees!

off road driving
Monday, January 21, 2013

This is the first trail I drove on when I first purchased my FJ. This trail leads to others and when on it, watch out for idiots who think it's ok to set up a shooting target across the trail which you are driving on.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

off road driving
Friday, March 03, 2017