Photos of Bear Creek Trail

2.9 miles
459 feet
Out & Back

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7 days ago

Start at the Bear Creek Road Picnic area. Pit toilets are available. There is no actual trail marking where the trail head begins. I headed a little S.E. of the picnic area following the creek bed. After a short distance you will come to a viaduct leading under the road. Proceed through following the creek bed a short distance. No markings of where the main trail is just several switch backs leading through some picnic areas. We just followed the creek bed. Water was running through the creek but only filled less than half the width of the creek bed. I was a bit disenchanted with the trail in that it was given an easy rating but found that you had to scale many large boulders making it more of a short moderate trail. I literally had to leap from boulder to boulder in many places. Some I had to climb over and some I had to jump down 5ft. Also the map gives the impression that the trail crosses the road several time but you will be happy to know... it doesn't. There were plenty of shady spots and due to the rocks and boulders there was many small rushing waterfalls. The sounds of the rushing water was like music to my ears. I might add the smell of pines was great. I never did find a well used path that would avoid the rocks and boulders. The depth of the creek bed prevented me to scale the high ridge just to the east of the creek. Perhaps there was a trail at the top that I missed. The highway was really close to the creek but I was unable to find an established trail along that side unless you walked along the roads shoulder....but what fun is that? All in all the hike was just OK. I really couldn't enjoy the scenery (there was plenty) due to keeping an eye out for my footing and looking for a better alternative to scaling the boulders. I probably won't do this trail again. By the way there were short areas near the picnic grounds by the creek that would be accessible for dogs and children...but definitely not the whole trail.