Arizona (Ringbolt) Hot Springs Trail

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Arizona (Ringbolt) Hot Springs Trail is a 5.9 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Willow Beach, Arizona that features hot springs and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

5.9 miles
1663 feet

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The trail head is an easy parking lot, well maintained. It serves at the head for both the Liberty Bell Trail and the Arizona Hot Springs (these fork at a point - there's a map in the parking lot). Washes can be frustrating to follow, however this one is easy and clearly marked by happy blue arrows. The trail head is an easy parking lot, well maintained. It serves at the head for both the Liberty Bell Trail and the Arizona Hot Springs (these fork at a point - there's a map in the parking lot). Washes can be frustrating to follow, however this one tends to stay inside a narrow canyon with vertical cliffs, therefore giving you few alternatives. Also, it is clearly marked with happy blue arrows. Once you reach the river, make a left. You'll soon find another arrow. Follow it (along with the other markers) to the springs. It'll be obvious when you come across a small luke-warm springs.

3 days ago

Beautiful hike out to the river. Brig plenty of water

5 days ago

18 days ago

Really nice loop. Misread the signs and did the trail hot springs side first- this made the trail easier I think. Technically this was easy but the loose gravel was annoying and tough at times. Beautiful scenery and well worth a few hours of your time.

19 days ago

kind of confusing due to there being so many different trails. there are tail markers, but sometimes not for awhile. it was pretty difficult due to sand like trail, I'm used to dirt trails. the hot springs were amazing and the metal ladder was fun to climb. BRING LOTS OF WATER. very tiring, but so worth it. I'd recommend to anyone.

20 days ago

Amazing hike! Come prepared to walk on rocky and sand like trail - takes lots of energy. Completed hike in 60 degree weather and I was sweating and exhausted towards the end - no shade throughout trail. Not sure it would be enjoyable to hike trail on a hot summer day but if you do - beautiful cold lake once you pass the hot springs! The hot springs were amazing, the lake was beautiful, and the views/scenery were breathtaking! The first Hot Spring you enter is super hot - the others are not as hot. The metal stairs after the Hot Springs - careful going down might be slippery. Enjoy!

22 days ago

23 days ago

Fun trail, an adventures trail for beginners.

25 days ago

nice little oasis in the middle of the desert. The first pool is really hot but the second and third are perfect.

30 days ago

this is a great hike!!
we made it down to the hot springs in 1 hour 3 min.
some walking and some running.
great views.... lots of rock!
bring a pair of water shoes.
the springs are awesome and very relaxing atmosphere.
spend some time here.
be very careful going down the ladder.

1 month ago

great hike! wasnt prepared for practically the entire hike being soft riverbed sand, and i paid for it on the way back up at a steady incline, which did not help my already tired legs and feet. we should have done the loop, but with two large dogs we couldnt pull them up the springs ladder. had i known it would be like walking up quicksand i would have found a walking stick. So be prepared for constant soft terrain.
Bring plenty of water, if you think you have enough already, pack a little more. i saved just enough water for the last sip when we got back to our vehicle and i was so grateful for it!
Take time to stop and appreciate the scenery. The volcanic rock formations and changes in landscape shape are worth every step of that hike and the hot springs will help rest your muscles.

1 month ago

Mid April day hike in moderate weather. Bring at least half to a gallon of water per person. Lots of isolated picnic spots along Colorado River. I'd recommend to switch to River shoes when you get to the hot springs.

1 month ago

Really cool trail !!

1 month ago

Excellent Fun hike, some climbing involved. The springs were fun to wade around In.

1 month ago

Very nice trail. Even if you don't hike on a regular basis. Take tons of water, snack and water shoes is a must. One of the best trails so far.

1 month ago

Absolutely loved this trial!!! But be prepared with enough water and snacks. Maybe take some water shoes, when you get to the water it's not easy walking on rocks.

1 month ago

1 month ago

1 month ago

1 month ago

1 month ago

This is and it isn't a loop. The White Rock Canyon trail (to the right or north) is a gentle defending hike through the canyon with cliffs on either side and soft sand footing. It's beautiful. Ends at the Colorado River. Contrary to other posts, it's no easy matter to connect and find the Hot Springs trail. It is not well marked and scrambling is required. Depending on the time of year you may find various wet conditions. If you do this hike as a loop walking the Canyons first then you need to ascend a 20 foot ladder, and again, it may be wet, slippery or within a waterfall. Once there, the springs await. Do not just jump in. Ameba warnings are posted and enter through your nose. The hike back on the Hot springs trail is all uphill.