Photos of Mount Magnificent

Distance: 5.7 miles Elevation Gain: 3,005 feet Route Type: Out & Back

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no shade
1 month ago

This was a tough hike, with steep uphill most of the time and most exposed after the first half mile (bring sunscreen if its sunny and you burn easily). If it has been raining I'd be prepared for some rough mud until you get above the trees and on to more rock. Even then the trail could get pretty thin and sloped at some points which wouldn't be much fun to go back down later while wet. Not many bugs that I saw but its been a dry summer in Alaska which could account for that, so I'd bring bug spray regardless. No signs of bears though you can never be too careful so I'd still take spray and make noise until you're in the clear. For all your effort you will probably end up with some great views over Eagle River or Chugach State Park. Unfortunately we went while there was a pretty low cloud ceiling and ended up hiking for several miles through clouds until we turned around. The clouds were fun for 20 minutes in a spooky way, then mostly annoying as we wanted to see more around us. Sometimes you have to take whatever weather conditions you can get but if you've got the choice I'd try this on a clear day. Still, it was a fun hike and a good workout, and the views may very well be magnificent.

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