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Historic Iditarod (Crow Pass) Trail to Dew Mound

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Chugach State Park

Historic Iditarod (Crow Pass) Trail to Dew Mound is a 18.4 mile moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Eagle River, Alaska that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from June until August.

Distance: 18.4 miles Elevation Gain: 2,582 feet Route Type: Point to Point




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Tue Oct 02 2018

These views are spectacular! There is nothing to compare the peace and beauty of this trip. You do have to cross a pretty crazy stream; so bring your water shoes. A group of my friends and I backpacked and had an amazing time!! Be prepared for anything. Our trip was about 22 miles because there had been a recent snow storm and we had to hike over the snow. Remember iodine tablets so you can refill your water! Worth every step!!!

Mon Sep 17 2018

Amazing views. Tough terrain with a few washouts and rerouting of path. Started in girdwood and finished in eagle river over 2 nights. No bears or moose seen. River crossing was knee height around 330pm.

Fri Sep 14 2018

Definitely a decent hike. A friend and I hiked about 5 miles in our first evening there and decided to set up camp at the bottom of the glacier after seeing a grizzly hanging around the hillside. The second day it felt like we had hiked 20+ miles. Although it was a long second day, the weather, the views, the river crossings, were all an experience that was well worth the hike.

Wed Sep 05 2018

This was my first backpacking trip in Alaska. Damp and cold, but loved it! Be cautious at the river crossing: typically lower in the morning with less glacial melt, but with constant rain it was hip-deep on me!

Fri Jun 15 2018

Started at Alyeska side. Still too early in the season...had to turn around at the pass due to all the snow. Perhaps with snow shoes, but it was too soft to support my pack and weight and I kept falling through. Snow patches leading up to the pass were compact and walkable, but made the trail difficult to find at times.

Mon Oct 09 2017

Awesome hike! One of my favorites in AK

Tue Sep 19 2017

After hiking through Alaska for 8 years, this is my favorite!

Fri Aug 25 2017

Well marked, frequented daily. We did it in a day, 12-13 hours, with a group of 4 adults and 6 12 year olds. Everyone did great! Lots of down hills. Life straws, change of shoes for river crossing, blister prevention, and plenty of yummy snacks, make this hike a 1 day possibly. Beautiful views all around!

Mon Aug 07 2017

Crow Pass = Good Times. Careful when crossing river during / just after a heavy rain season, though. Easier to cross with other people.

Mon Jun 12 2017

Still some snow in some places. No post holeing. River crossing about 3 feet. 9 hours start to finish. Girdwood to Eagle River.

Thu Feb 02 2017

breathtaking trails

Sun Nov 06 2016

Steep with an awesome view of the glacier at the top:)

Fri Sep 16 2016

went Girwood to Eagle River, up until Ford crossing at the river the trail was not bad. Crossing the river was chest high on a 5'1 person and swift. Once you cross the river the trail is flooded out in spots and gone! large areas where the trail on the mtn side was gone, fallen off just before the ladder climb. other areas loss dirt where the trail was had fallen off into the river. No trail markings make sure you have a GPS... overall great adventure and full of challenges!! do in 2days

Thu Aug 18 2016

This is one of the best hikes I've done. It is absolutely beautiful and I highly recommend this hike!

Sat Mar 12 2016

Just completed the trail a few days ago eagle to girdwood. Definitely not recommended this time of year. I am sure a lot know that but just wanted to give a first hand account. Very steep pitches, ice in certain areas, some flooded campsites, try to stay on the trail and use gps to verify. There were some areas that were at risk of avalanche and there were signs of past avalanches. If someone were to do the trail around this time, I would highly recommend roping up, crampons, and ice axe, along with the usual winter gear, Don't try to take the south river branch, there is an awesome waterfall there but super hard to get to and pretty much no way around it. Up partway in the mountains there were tracks that I could not identify, right on the gps track but had a 4 legged gate. Picture to follow, any help identifying would be appreciated

Sun Feb 08 2015

Amazing hike! We traveled from Girdwood to Eagle River in July of 2013. Overall the trail is easy to follow and not to hard to complete. It's long but can be done in one day. I would highly recommend taking two days and spending the night on the trail, truly enjoy it. There are two water crossings, so check the weather conditions prior to heading out.

Sat Oct 18 2014

Completed the hike starting on the Eagle River side around mid August 2014. It's a 10-12 hour day so we started in the dark around 4:45am to get to the Double Muskee for dinner on other side in Girdwood before they closed. One of the most amazing hikes I've ever done. Wasn't hard, just long. Encountered high waters and lots of high wind in the pass (out of the norm) that ate into our time, but nothing that didn't add to the spirit of the adventure.

Wed May 28 2014

The Eagle River portion is fun, full of obstacles a couple of rope bridges and a ladder. The Girdwood side is fun as well. Both are equally as scenic.

Tue May 20 2014

First of all, I have only hiked from the Crow Creek trailhead to Raven Glacier. That being said, this trail is incredible! The first mile few miles are nice, though not 5-star material. However, once the trail reaches a series of waterfalls, there is scenic landmark after scenic landmark. First there are the waterfalls; the trail passes by them on the left, but the more adventurous can enter the mini gorge that the creek has cut and then climb out of it, rejoining the trail. Then you come to Crystal Lake, a beautiful lake that sits below Crow Glacier. You will have hiked below Jewel Glacier to get to this point and you can see it from the lake -- assuming the weather allows it. Beyond Crystal Lake is Crow Pass and a marvelous view of Raven Glacier. Waterproof boots are quite helpful, as there are several stream crossings. The trail itself is easy to follow the entire way. However, there is plenty of beauty to be found by those that dare to leave the trail. Venture up to get an up-close view of Jewel Glacier and then pass through it up to the pass between Summit Mountain and Jewel Mountain. Doing so will give you a spectacular view of Milk Glacier, hundreds of feet below.

Sun Mar 23 2014

Completed the trail mid August 2013, starting from Girwood. The first part of the trail is going uphill until reaching the actual pass. On the way to the top we had the chance to spot some goats and ptarmigans, we also pass by an abandoned gold mine, or at least that is what they told us it was. After reaching the top you have to cross some moraine and we even pass by some snow patches. It's a nice easy walk all the way to Eagle River. Make sure to ford the river between the white post. After fording the river it's forest the rest of the trail. There are plenty of camping sites in case that you want to stay overnight. Also, make sure to bring at least a bear mace, we saw A LOT of bear excrement, good thing we didn't see any actual bear.

Fri Aug 09 2013

I have to agree with Joy as I like obstacles on a trail. They break up the monotony of a trail march allowing me more time to truly experience with wilderness. I often wonder how much of nature people actually see on a hike as we tend to be too destination driven. This is definitely a trail you want to put on your wishlist.

Tue Apr 05 2011

I love this hike. Best done in July when the wildflower are in bloom. I disagree with the last poster, the Eagle river side just adds to the adventure. After fording the river, you are met with one obstacle after another. From crossing logs over rapid water to climbing ladders up small cliffs. The Girdwood side is beautiful and challenging too, I hate the snowfield crossings. Which depending on the snowfall for the year, can be quite steep. We like staying in the public use cabin at the top on the first night.

Tue Oct 19 2010

Go from the Girdwood side, Go to the creek crossing and turn around and come back! The Eagles river side is boring and you're in the tree's the whole time. Did see 4 moose and one bear on the Eagle River side, but it was mostly boring. Glacier, Mountain, Awesome valley shot from the Girdwood side.

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