East Twin Peak Trail

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East Twin Peak Trail is a 7.8 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Anchorage, Alaska that offers scenic views. The trail is only recommended for very experienced adventurers and primarily used for hiking and nature trips.

7.8 miles
4,891 feet
Out & Back


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5 months ago

Very good trail for a die-hard hiker and also full of great photo opportunities for photographers. Once you get to the end of the maintained trailhead, it forks off to the actual twin peaks (to the left) or Pepper Ridge (to the right). It is a tedious and dangerous process to get to the top of the peaks but the views are breathtaking. I give a 5 star review strictly for the scenic photography, but the route to the summit is very scarce and becomes non existent about halfway up. Definitely take a group of friends!

5 months ago

Breathtaking views on the way up and even better on top of the mountain; a little bit of everything. Starting through the woods by the lake. Great view of Eklutna Lake on the way up. When you get to the second bench take a left for Twin Peaks Mountain, then you cross a creek with rushing water (easily crossable). From there you start up Twin Peak mountain, eventually trekking tundra. It’s a pretty good hike that tests your will power because it takes a while. We saw a lot of sheep on the mountain. The grade continually increases with a lot of rock. Manageable up to 5k feet, and then it starts getting sketchy!! We didn’t have any gear with us, and ended up turning back at 5060 feet because the terrain gets very unstable with loose rock and nowhere for good footing. I would highly recommend the correct gear at this stage. By this point you are pretty much at the peak and the views are some of the best I’ve seen!! Well worth it, but there’s really no guidance once you start up the mountain. Definitely take some friends with you because it’s an all day hike if you go up the mountain. One guy in our group had a Fitbit that logged 13.3 miles total from start to finish, and it definitely felt like it.

5 months ago

This trail could use some more guidance, there isn’t any signs directing you where or how to navigate East Peak. Just your basic trail crossing the creek, from there it isn’t very defined. So you have to take it upon yourself to try and find the best route. Once you get to the base of the peak around 5010ft, you are in for an extremely difficult, sketchy/scary situation. My friends and I hit it head on from the creek to the base of the peak, was told to go around to the left from a passing climber, and at 5060ft we found a huge steep 85 degree wall to climb. With extremely loose rocks, It was at that point all we cared about was getting safely down. (Which we did)

Apparently, not many people at all climb East Twin, or even talk about it as if it were avoided.

That said. I believe it has very good potential if it were more accessible with a better route.

The views were breathtaking, absolutely amazing view of the Lake!!!