Chena Dome Trail

HARD 4 reviews

Chena Dome Trail is a 30 mile loop trail located near Salcha, Alaska that offers the chance to see wildlife. The trail is only recommended for very experienced adventurers and primarily used for hiking.

30.0 miles 8500 feet Loop





This is great trail especially in winter. the lower Angle Creek is VERY swampy and wet in the summer which makes hiking the lower area difficult due to rhe hordes of hungry mosquitoes.

1 year ago

This trail rocked us. It appeared to keep going up, always another hill/mountain to climb. Pack light...or else lol

2 years ago

very fun hike, only got to scratch the surface of the hike due to loss of daylight but definitely a fun hike

4 years ago

This trail kicked my ass... Up and down all the time. No people, great views... Didn't see any grizzlies, but plenty of mosquitoes.