Perdido River Nature Preserve

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Perdido River Nature Preserve is a 11 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Lillian, Alabama that features a river and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

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3 months ago

The main trail was very nice and wide. There was 1 spot that had water which you had to go through, but we went On the side so your shoes only got a little damp. The loop was grown up so we couldn’t walk through it. But definitely will be back! Very quiet and peaceful

3 months ago

Good trail for beginners. The loop at the end is a little overgrown, as are some of the small side trails. Some parts of the trail hold water, but can be gone around.

8 months ago

Had a good time exploring this area. As other reviews have mentioned it is not a very well kept trail, lots of overgrowth and sometimes it turns into a road. Also, your feet will definitely get wet. I had the entire trail to myself, saw a lot of spiders and small critters and also a variety of birds. Again, someone already mentioned this but the Northern Loop is not actually a loop, it is now just an out and back due to the overgrowth.

9 months ago

I haven't been out on this trail in a while, and wanted to do the full northern loop as well this time. The first couple of miles still go through a fairly marshy area, so expect to get your feet somewhat wet. I was trying to jump from clump of grass to clump of grass, and finally just gave in to the mud lol. There isn't any really deep areas, and they can be avoided if you are persistent, but I don't mind my feet getting swampy. It is really quiet and peaceful, and I did see a group of three other hikers this time.

If you get out to that small northern 'loop', dont do the loop! The eastern portion is completely overgrown and not maintained whatsoever. You can tell where a road used to be, but it is not shredded at all. I kept hoping if I just went a little further a trail would emerge. Nope! Expect waist high grass and thorny vines lower down. My legs looked as if I got in a fight with a herd of cats when I emerged back on the established trail.

So about the land to the East of the trail. It is owned or leased by some hunting club. The last time I hiked this it was spring, so no hunting and no vehicle tracks. But this time there were many many vehicle tracks and brand new signs posted all over the easement road. I believe bow season starts next week, so, just out of respect of the hunters, I would highly highly recommend going back the way you came and making this an out and back. As much as out and backs suck... just do it. I'm sure if you try to hike the road back during the active hunting season, you are going to get into some sort of confrontation.

And to further define the 'road'. If you want to do the full 6 miles that I did, you have to get on the road at some point. After about 1.5-2 miles the trail dumps out on the dirt road. Hike north, and about 0.25 miles later you will come to a old pipe gate that you go around, which is the northern border for the hunters property. So once you are past that gate, you are free to walk all over the road.

All in all, I really like this hike. It is quiet and has lots of solitude. Especially the northern area, aka loop. I would just warn caution about the hunters to the east.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Not much to see but very peaceful and relaxing we loved it.

Friday, April 07, 2017

Beautiful trail. Lots of greenery, including pitcher plants in the spring! I hiked this two days after a heavy rain and multiple areas of the trail were flooded. The trail also is in dire need of mowing/shredding. The east side of the loop that I did was a dirt road, with numerous 'no trespassing' signs on the property to the east of that. This road put me out by the parking lot, which has a gate across it and more no trespassing signs. According to the map this road is the boundary to the preserve. It seems the crazy backwoods hicks who own the property to the east are a little territorial to say the last.

No mosquitos when I went, but a few deer flies that I was able to swat. All in all, beautiful secluded trail that I will do again once it dries out a bit more.

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