Horse Pens 40 Loop

MODERATE 5 reviews

Horse Pens 40 Loop is a 2.5 mile loop trail located near Steele, Alabama and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round.

2.5 miles
360 feet


rock climbing
8 months ago

Some of my fondest memories were spent bouldering here! Definitely a fall and winter camping destination.

10 months ago

I absolutely loved my visit here. Recently went with a group and we had a great time exploring the place and climbing rocks and went to shaws bbq after which is really close to the park and loved it

rock climbing
2 years ago

HP40 is without question one of the greatest bouldering destinations in the country. Top 5 on the eastern side. If you just wanna walk around and check out the incredible rock formation, go for it. There are many. But that being said, it is not really a place to hike. Just a heads up. But if you're there to boulder (and you probably are) you are in the right place. Grades are stiff, and the problems are subtle and different. The word is Sloper. Get some Sloper in your life.

rock climbing
4 years ago

Horse Pens is a great place to camp, boulder, or just go walk through. Friendly people run the grounds and keep the place nice. The bouldering is some of the best around. It's not really a hiking destination, but it's a great place to camp and climb.

6 years ago

Horsepens40 is absolutely worth a day trip or a weekend camping excursion! Though the trail length is not significant the rock and boulder formations form a historical and natural maze that has been used throughout the known history of Alabama by local Indians and the Confederate army. Currently a site for local festivals, camping, and bouldering . . . it's a great outing for one or for a family. Horsepens40 is family owned, operated and oriented and I have always enjoyed a weekend trip here when I have to keep it close to home.
Though the trail is not significant in length, you will find yourself wandering through a maze of rock and boulder formations, climbing, exploring, and can easily turn the half hour trail into a 4 to 5 hour exploration. There is a phenominal flat rock view from the rear of the trail out over the valley below that's great for sunrise or sunset viewing. Wildlife I have seen while visiting Horsepens40: Red Fox, Raccoon, Hawks, Crows, Chipmunks, Squirrels, Snakes