Duck River Trail

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Duck River Trail is a 9.6 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Baileytown, Alabama that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until October.

9.6 miles
823 feet
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27 days ago

We tried to get there on county road 1651 only to find out that the route proposed lead you to a dead-end due to the lake with "private property" signs everywhere, and where we really needed to be was on the other side (Holy Pond or Cullman side) of the lake on CR1651. After we finally got there it was a nice ride, however I would consider the trail moderate to difficult if on a mountain bike. Several rocky creek crossings required us to get off bikes and walk bike across rocky creek area. My wife spent most of time off her bike walking due to the difficulty. One biker we met when we first got there was walking his bike and indicated that he had blown out his rear hub but that the trail was fine. Another we met had front and rear suspension and he went out and back with no problems. When we left there were three other guys on hard tails. I would like to go back but it is too difficult for wife to go on bike. If hiking only, would give 5 stars. Still had lots of fun.

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2 months ago

Duck River Reservoir is a wonderful hike and bike trail in Cullman Co, AL. It's really not in Baileyton but between Holly Pond and Fairview. I have enjoyed it since before the reservoir was filled with water. It is intermediate difficulty (nothing too strenuous) with beautiful lake scenery, plenty of rocks and streams, and a nice view of the new dam. As of 9/2017, they have finished about 3/4 of what will be a 26 mile loop.

There are FOUR WAYS TO ACCESS IT. Starting from the Cullman end of the trail and moving to the Holly Pond end of the trail,

1. On Hwy 69 in Fairview, go west toward Cullman past Fairview town limits. Turn left (south) on Co Rd 1534 (on the western edge of the white fences at Haynes farm.) Then turn right on Co Rd 1656. Bear left and drive 2 miles. Turn left on Co Rd 1651. In 1 mile, it dead ends at one end of the trail (as of 9/17). This is being developed as a boat ramp entrance.

2. On Hwy 69 in Fairview, drive west toward Cullman to the second yellow light at Fairview town limits. Turn left (south) on County Road 1662 (at sign for Antioch Missionary Baptist). Go 1.5 miles, dog leg Left-Right at Antioch Church. You are now on Co. Rd. 1660, and it dead ends in 2 miles. Park and it's a short walk down the hill and through the wooden gate. This is less than 2 miles from the end of the trail above (as of 9/2017).

3. From Holly Pond, head west on Hwy 278. Pass the white fences on the right with the sign to the cowboy church at the edge of the fence. Take a right Co Rd 1651 (not the road with the small junk yard, the next road opposite a sign for Duck River Baptist). When the road widens, you will come to the new handicapped accessible pier on the left. Park and this is the other end of the trail (as of 9/2017).

4. Follow directions #3 from Holly Pond but keep going past the pier. A couple of miles farther, the road will end at the main trailhead. This is lessc than 4 miles from the end of the trail (as of 9/2017).

2 months ago

Great hiking/biking flowing trail with lake views and very little elevation change. As of Fall 2017 there are roughly 15 miles of existing trail. The loop has not been completed yet. With 2 vehicles we park at the pier on county road 1651 before the dead end (east side of lake) and travel North, eventually crossing over to west side on the pedestrian bridge or using the county road 1669 bridge. Then we travel back south on the west side of lake to the other vehicle at boat launch on County road 1651 for a one direction ride/hike.

5 months ago

10 mile loop ends at what would be County road 1651 and at one time you could just take it back to the parking lot but it's all under water. Bring two vehicles to park at each end or be prepared to hike/bike another 1.5 miles on the pavement over to hwy 278 then another 5+ miles back around to the parking lot. Alltrails should delete the loop trail shown.

5 months ago

I thoroughly enjoyed the hike until I realized there was no loop! My husband and I had hiked for four hours and expected to be able to make a full loop, just as the map shows, but the rest of the trail was closed. It was 5:00 pm. There was no way to make it back to our car before dark. We had to call for a ride.

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9 months ago

Easy trail. Have done all that is open to the public in one day with average 500ft elevation change. Roughly 14 miles depending on if you skip all the switch backs for bikers. Miles 16 to 20 are through with overgrown fields with little water. 1 to 3 is the most common trailhead with many streams flowing during wet seasons but has one obstacle crossing a creek. Miles 4 to 5 has a lot of loose rock and hard on the feet with moderate creeks. Miles 6 to 9 have lots of overhang and shade but the most elevation for the trail with very few streams.

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