Tiger to Elephant Mountain via Jiuwufeng

MODERATE 5 reviews

Tiger to Elephant Mountain via Jiuwufeng is a 4.7 kilometer point-to-point trail located near Xinyi, Taipei City, Taiwan that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, rock climbing, and nature trips.

4.7 km
306 m
Point to Point


nature trips

rock climbing



partially paved


wild flowers


city walk

25 days ago

It's a nice hike with some tough short climbing parts. But the view over the city is amazing.

27 days ago

Great hike. VERY steep sections with ropes at the top of tiger mountain

1 month ago

As with most hiking trails near Taipei, this trail has many, many steep stairs. This trail is mostly paved so the hiking is relatively easy (except for climbing the stairs). About 20% is off the paved trails. These turn off the pavement onto smaller, steeper trials. Where the trails steepens, there are stepping stones to assist with footing. Unfortunately, the stones are covered with moss, causing them to be slippery. Occasionally, these trails are exposed to steep drop-offs. So care but be given, especially when coming down. These trails may be considered moderate in difficulty.

There is one section that I would consider particularly challenging. It has switchbacks with each one steeper than the previous one. The final two are extremely difficult, with the last one almost a vertical climb. This section has ropes to assist with footholds cut into the boulders. This section would be difficult.

Bring plenty of water. Wear shoes with good traction. Be sure to bring the map on a device with connectivity. The trail branches off the main trail many times and if you don't have your location marked on the AllTrails map, then it is easy to miss a turn off.

Over all, a good hike. Would have enjoyed more if there were less paved trails.

6 months ago