Skåneleden Trail: Vantalängan to Verkasjön

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Skåneleden Trail: Vantalängan to Verkasjön is a 7.1 kilometer point-to-point trail located near Brösarp, Skåne, Sweden that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, trail running, and nature trips.

Distance: 7.1 km Elevation Gain: 158 m Route Type: Point to Point


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On this trail you will see oak, beech, avenue, elm, ash and of course forest linden. The trail follows Verkeån, through a deep valley where the slopes are clad with artificial beech forest and nearer to the brook grows pestilence. Unusual small animals live in the water and here trout are playing. Along the river, you can see dolphins, caverns and kingfishers. At Hallamölla you will find one of Skåne's highest waterfalls, 23 meters high. After the winding path in the bottom of the valley, the trail begins to move upwards. The lush deciduous forest is replaced by dry pastures overlooking the river. 500 million years old alum shale and lots of fossils are exposed to the crime of alumni. One centimeter of slate corresponds to about 2000 years. The power at the river's large waterfall was used for grinding grain, here you find the well-preserved Hallamölla mill. It is referred to in 1491 and was in use until 1949. At the grazed height north-east of the mill, there were houses of houses with spawn and prison cells. The most common crime was the theft of firewood within the Workshop, because the mill was entitled to all forest within a radius of two miles. Alunbruket was once Skåne's largest industry, and by the middle of the 18th century up to 900 people lived here. At that time, the ground lay cal and the smoke thick and yellowish white. You pass utility buildings such as the stables and the hospital, as well as clear residues after the boiler house, caravan and red slag heaps. There is also an underground channel here. The story of alumni and Christinehof began in 1635 when Jochum Beck stayed and dreamed that a treasure was buried. In the morning they found black slate. He laid the foundation for the mill but under Christina Piper it flourished. In 1737, she began the construction of the castle.

An easy cruise in the rolling hills of Brösarps backar... then a sandy beach walk to Vitemölla. Followed the road to Kivik. A nice walk.

Walked with my two 13 year old boys. Beautiful hike through different type of nature. Very nice to walk along the river most of the time. We started at Alunbruket and walked to Vantalängan where we paused and had our lunch then we walked back. Paused at Hallamölla and dipped our feet.

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