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Skåneleden Trail: Timan to Rebbetuaröd is a 13.2 mile point-to-point trail located near Hörby, Skåne, Sweden that offers the chance to see wildlife and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, running, and nature trips.

Length 13.2 mi Elevation gain 1,095 ft Route type Point to Point
Hiking Nature trips Walking Running Forest Views Wildlife
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This trail takes you on gravel roads past Timan and on a winding path next to Viss Mosse on the edge of the moss. The forest is nature-like and several birches hang on three quarters or are fallen on the ground. When you pass through the pasture at Kromsö, a crooked path awaits you through an archaic and open landscape. South of Brännestad you follow paths out into the pastures. Look at stones, single bushes, fences and large trees with wide crowns. In the summer you will meet the grazing animals here. Follow the trail and visit the bird tower at Fjällmossen. Sometimes you can see gambling snakes on the moss. Forest roads lead you past forest plantations and at Abullaberga you follow a path through a grazed forest. Bouquet-shaped trees and shrubs show that the area has been grazed for a long time. On small forest roads you pass woodland, several watercourses and reach the campsite Rebbetuaröd. The land around the village is varied with grazing, fields, beech and water. Here, many rare and endangered butterfly species thrive. The forest Timan belonged to King Valdemar, according to a land book from 1231. On Viss mosse one still breaks peat and in the east there is a height called Kromsö. On the island, the large forest grew, and the secluded site became a habitat for a snappishhair. It is said that they were mowed down to the last man by the upright man in the neighborhood. The "cultural path" through Harphult is governed by the forms of the landscape, so that roads were previously. In the grazed forest and the pasture at Abullaberga there are several interesting cultural remains. At the hillside there is a breakaway cabin, at the stream lies the mill wheel from the old mill and at the height the mighty stone ruins after the farm. Further along the stage you pass more ruins, usually after smaller villages. The area around Rebbetuaröd is a gold mine for those who love cultural monuments. Here are leftovers for farms, a beautiful old arch bridge, a mill ruin and several small cellars.

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