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Skåneleden til Gällabjer is a 8.8 mile point-to-point trail located near Ljungbyhed, Skåne, Sweden that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, trail running, and nature trips.

Length 8.8 mi Elevation gain 1,240 ft Route type Point to Point
Hiking Nature trips Walking Running Forest Lake Views Wild flowers Wildlife
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Here you walk through the heart of Söderåsen National Park. In the valleys, southern, northern and western species meet. The area is considered one of the country's most diverse in terms of fungi on land and trees, almost 400 species have been found. From the slope at Lierna you have an impressive view over Korsskär. A bit further on, it is time to head down and get close contact with the valuable Skärån. Here live brook trout, elephant and brook nephew eye. Sensitive mosquito and dragonfly larvae have also found retreat sites. Via paths and the old Offavägen, you reach the climax of the stage, Kopparhatten. Here you have a magnificent view of the valley and the beech forest. Soon you reach Skärdammen and naturum. Here is a concentrate of experiences in the exhibition and along a footbridge around the lake. Continue a bit on the almost vertical path south of the lake and visit Hjortsprånget - a place with both views and strange stories. The trail passes next to the tiny Uggleröddalen valley, Nackarpsdalen and rounds the mythical Odensjön. The lake is surrounded by species-rich breeds. Cultural history The oldest traces in the area are narrow-gauge with rods and stone strings, probably from younger bronze ages. Until the 18th century, beech forest dominated on the ridge, but the cattle, the peasants' most important source of income, were released on pastures in the forest and went hard. After a while, only the valley sides had mature forest. You can find pickled trees, so-called "rice books", from the forestry season. All surfaces that could be used were used. Dalbottnar became mowing ground and hay was carried on his back or was carried on oxen and horses uphill. The off road, which you walk on, facilitated the work. It was built in the early 1800s by Samuel von Offen. On the edge of the valley were the farms Lierna and Råröd. They were described in 1815 as "the most unsuccessful in agriculture in this parish". One of Lierna's towers struggled so hard at the slopes so he got the nickname Liaspöket. Odensjön and Skäralid became popular tourist destinations in the 19th century. Gradually, a restaurant with a dance track, railway station and later a tourist hotel grew up. Röstånga is known as an old firearm where traveling and their horses could rest. For a long time, Jällabjär was pasture for the villages of Röstånga and Kolema.

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