Holjeåleden Canoe Trail to Ivo Lake

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Holjeåleden Canoe Trail to Ivo Lake is a 12.7 kilometer moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Östafors, Skåne, Sweden that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.

12.7 km
127 m
Point to Point

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Holjeåleden is a waterway which stretches from Östafors in the north to Ivösjön in the south. Paddling slowly through untouched countryside at the base of Höljeån Valley, provides you with a feeling that time has quite simply stood still. The river runs into Holjeån Valley from Olofström to Ivösjön. The water is relatively clear and its character varies from rapids to tranquil flows. The bottom is mainly sandy with a few stony areas. Along Höljeån (the River Holje) you will be able to stop and discover many attractions, barbecue areas, fishing grounds and even stay the night at one of the accommodations along the river. Take a look at the map to see where the various resting areas and accommodations are. Fishing In Holjeån, you can fish the following: sea trout, salmon, pike, eel, roach, bream and perch. The most interesting fish on the river is the trout, primarily on the stretch which goes upstream towards the power station at Gonarp. Sea trout and bay salmon can also be fished along the river. Previously, migratory fish never went any further down than to the power station. This was dealt with in the autumn of 2000 when another stretch of the river was opened up for sea trout which circumvented the power station. Now it is possible for the trout to migrate all the way to Olofström. It is particularly exciting to fly fish with dry flies. The river offers several areas where it is interesting to try this type of fishing. Imitations of yellow and brown dragonflies usually work well with fly-fishing. A little later during the season, different types of caddisfly imitations also work well. Early on during the season, streamers provide surprising results. Tip: South of Sibbarpsdalen (on the bridge) towards Näsum, there is a special fly-fishing area, and north of the bridge there is also an area for angling and spinning. Paddling along the river is done in two stages, each stage is 6 km long. Along the Östafors – Västanå mill stretch, you have to lift your canoe out of the water on two occasions to get past the rapids at Gonarp’s power station and Forsagården. Passability on this stretch of the river depends on the water level. You travel through a fantastically undulating countryside past agricultural land, pastureland and beautiful beech forests. Along the stretch Västanå mill – Ivösjön, there are no rapids, so you do not have to take your canoe out of the water. This is where the countryside changes to fertile plains. In a deep furrow, the river meanders on its way towards Ivösjön. This stretch of the river is recommended if you are a beginner. Ivösjön offers you paddling in more open water. There are large and small islands which are easily reached when coming from Holjeån out into Ivösjön.