Sendeiro Natural Aciveiro a Candán is a 9 mile loop trail located near Forcarei, Galicia, Spain and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and nature trips.

Length9.0 miElevation gain1,236 ftRoute typeLoop
HikingNature tripsWalking
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This circular route ends in the well-known Monastery of Aciveiro. Walking towards the village of Vilaverde, the still pueril river Lérez is crossed surrounded by many tree species until arriving, near A Rochela, to an old colmenar that offers testimony of the past presence of the bear in these high mountains of Pontevedra. Then, between meadows, bushes, tremedal trees and small forests, it ascends through the gentle slopes of the Sierra de O Candán, a natural space that participates in the European project of the Natura 2000 Network. The route descends gently towards Lamasgalán de Arriba where a primitive path of car drives the traveler to Lamasgalán de Abaixo. Enjoying the landscapes and humanized ecosystems of this place, you will reach the beautiful old bridge of Andón (Ponte Vella de Andón), then cross the banks of Lérez in search of the monastery. Forcarei stone houses, bridges, mills and crosses are signs of the famous work of the old quarries of these lands.

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