Circular Route Aiguafreda

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Circular Route Aiguafreda is a 15.3 kilometer loop trail located near Aiguafreda, Catalonia, Spain that offers the chance to see wildlife. The trail is rated as difficult and primarily used for hiking.

15.3 km
816 m





This is a great circular route for all moderate to expert hikers. Starting off at the town Aiguafreda, this route takes part of the GR-5 trail. Heading out of Aiguafreda on the GR-5 the path starts to climb into the hills of Montseny, after about the first hour and a half of climbing you eventually come to a set of cross roads. Here is where you'll find a small trail leading up to Ermita Santa Maria de Tagamanent. The church of Santa Maria is located on top of the hill Tagamanent, the church formerly considered a rural parish and later as a Shrine and was mentioned in documentation for the first time in 993. Around 1098 it was then given away to the monastery of Santa Fe de Conques to put in place a community to all. A round trip climb to the top where the church is and back to the cross-road takes about an hour altogether and is well worth the detour for the amazing views it has to offer. From the cross-road you then take a small climbing path to La Masia El Bellver this is a great place to take a rest. La Masia El Bellver is a bar, restaurant offering great refreshments and menu of the day with local producers of the area. The next step is La Casa Museo l'Agusta situated behind El Bellver. The old farmhouse l'Agusta, is one of the most outstanding architectural heritage of the Montseny Natural Park. After decades of neglect was then restored in the late 90's and has now become a house museum where visitors can enjoy what it has to offer. After joining back onto the main path you then come off onto a small track located behind La Casa Museo l'Agusta. This is a small unused track leading to a small top of a hill, once at the top you will then see a lager track leading down the other side. From here you take this track leading you along the edge of the mountain. After about half an hour you then cross over a main path leading you to Masia el Bellit. Masia el Bellit is an old farming house still used for the rearing of sheep and goats. From there follow the main track to the right of el Bellit farm-house, once around the back of the house you then come off onto a small path leading into a large field. Here you'll find yourself in an open field with an old rural house in the far distance. Once at the rural house you then find another main track. From their following the track down keeping to the right you eventually come to a sharp bend on the main track. (Mark out with a pile of noticeable rocks) From here the route then comes off on to a trail called Cama de Fondrats. Cama de Fondrats is a great last stretch taking you along a top mountain peak, then once at the end declines back down to where the start of the route began. This last part is well sign posted however the path in some places can get a bit uneven in parts.