Bruguers (Gavá) Loop

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Bruguers (Gavá) Loop is a 12.2 kilometer loop trail located near Sentiu (la), Catalonia, Spain that features a great forest setting. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking and walking.

12.2 km
712 m





This route starts at the top of Castillo de Eramprunyà. Located south west of Barcelona it has one of the nicest routes overlooking the city of Barcelona and the large airport of El Prat. Heading off west from Castillo de Eramprunyà, the path takes you along the edge of the mountain slopping down to the bottom. Once at the bottom, the path then follows around to the right where you come off the main track onto a small path leading into a valley. Keeping to the right of the path it starts to take you back up the other side coming away from the valley. Once about half way up you join again a part of a track before coming of onto a small path leading you up to the top of the mountains peek. The small path is very zig zag but is well marked by pointers. Once at the top you follow a lager path leading to the final summit top. Here is where you get to grasp the whole of Barcelona in its setting. Turning back to your right the last part takes you to the next peek before heading back do to where this route started.