Ermita de San Cristóbal is a 9.8 kilometer moderately trafficked out and back trail located near La Sotonera, Aragon, Spain that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and nature trips and is accessible year-round.

Distance: 9.8 km Elevation Gain: 339 m Route Type: Out & Back


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San Cristóbal de Aniés or San Cristóbal del Barranco. The route begins in the town of Bolea. Keep in mind that there are several tracks that start north of the town. This one is the farthest to the west. Once inside the track, you will see the guiding signs of the hermitages of Santa Quiteria and San Cristóbal. The first stop is the Hermitage of Santa Quiteria. You will see two informational panels for your visit: Hermitage of San Cristóbal and District Hoya de Huesca. Continuing down the track, you will follow the Sotón River ravine towards its source - to the San Cristóbal rock hermitage. Please use CAUTION at the end of the road. There is some path damage from a previous destructive landslide. A rudimentary stairway gives way to the hermitage, formed by the hermitage, vestry and eremitical cells on both sides. The hermitage is built taking advantage of a wide shelter of the rock with a masonry enclosure wall. The interior, austere and simple, presents an altar of plasterwork as well as the remains of primitive altars resulting from different renovations. A staircase gave access to the high choir, built in the eighteenth century. The legend: The tradition tells that San Cristóbal helped a boy cross a ravine putting him on his shoulders and with the help of his staff. That child turned out to be Jesus Christ and as a test he told him that the next day he would stick his staff in the ground and then it would flower and bear fruit. It came true and that is why the iconographic representation of San Cristóbal is carried out with the child on his shoulders and with a staff full of leaves.

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