Puerto del Palo is a 10.1 kilometer moderately trafficked loop trail located near Valle de Hecho, Aragon, Spain that features a river and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking and backpacking.

Distance: 10.1 km Elevation Gain: 626 m Route Type: Loop





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Arrive at Oza and follow the track that will lead us towards Guarrinza. About 300 meters before reaching La Mina, a shady area with snow prevents us from arriving. Take the road to Puerto del Palo, which for about 15 minutes coincides with the one that climbs the Ibón de Acherito. Leave the ravine that descends from the Foyas and take the traces of the Roman road that led to Puerto del Palo from Hecho. The road meanders and the box of the same one becomes patent in many points, in others the tasca has slipped and partially covers it. Ascend and the views on Guarrinza, north face of the Castle of Acher, Peña Forca, Chipeta ... impressive panoramic. Some sarrios exhibit in front of us their mountaineering power running on the snow and climbing the Peña Añarón. The road reaches the Conarda pass, a megalithic mound is under our feet and a freezing wind, perhaps sent by the protective spirits of the Conarda megalithic complex, forces us to accelerate the passage and leave the burial area. Move towards Puerto del Palo, the wind is increasingly cold and intense. Take the route to the Foyas and the ravine that will lead you to connect with Acherito's path. Magnificent tour.

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