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Meall Horn (Arkle) Circular Walk is a 23.2 mile loop trail located near Kinlochbervie, Highland, Scotland that offers scenic views and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and bird watching.

Length 23.2 mi Elevation gain 4,452 ft Route type Loop
Hiking Nature trips Walking Bird watching Views
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This route travels through eagle, snow bunting and ptarmigan country when it's not weaving through red deer, grouse and salmon country. The track is on rocks that are among the oldest on Earth, on mountains that have Norse and Gaelic names and look as if the glaciers only left a few weeks ago.  The route comprises three main passes: the first is over 1500 feet; the second is over 1400 feet and the third is over 1700 feet.  The final downhill falls from 1722 feet on the shoulder of Meall Horn to 148 feet at Loch Stack in 3.5 miles. It's one of the top five must do's for mountain bike routes in Scotland. To begin you drive in from Lochinver via Laxford Bridge and park off the road to Lone by the bridge (NC 298402) over the burn running from Loch More to Loch Stack near Achfary.  Pedal down the road and past the house at Airdachuillinn to the building at Lone.  Here, you turn due east and start climbing up Strath Luib na Seilich following the course of the Abhainn an Loin to the first major pass of the day (bealach).  Soon you come to a very steep section where most normal riders will spin out and then push until they can get back on again.  After that, the track is fine for most of the rest of the climb to the Bealach na Feithe and there are some lovely views and bridges en route. This is where you change map. On a clear day, the view ahead of you from the bealach is quite special.  The two prominent hills ahead are Ben Hope (Left) and Ben Loyal (Right).  Ben Hope is the most northerly Munro in the country.  Now, you drop down from the bealach into Srath Coir an Easaidh through a plantation forest to Gobernuisgach, crossing another lovely bridge as you go.  After crossing a second burn, you will join another estate track.  Turn left and follow it for a few hundred metres until you see a track heading off on your left to a fine footbridge.  Follow this track for a few miles up Glen Golly, past Eas an Choinas (waterfall) and on to the second major pass of the journey, Creag Dubh. A few more bends and perhaps a route on a gentler gradient would have been kinder to legs (and to clutches too).  Nevertheless, the view from the rocks of the crag is special and gives a glimpse down into a truly remote place.  Pay particular attention over the next section.  You are looking for a narrow singletrack path heading off to your left, west, just before you arrive at Lochan Sgeireach.  Look out for the wee lochan, south-east before L Sgeireach and head west, passing to the south of L Sgeireach.  Now keep your eyes peeled on the singletrack as it passes between lochans and traverses bogs, hags and crags on it's journey to the 'ford' below An Dubh Loch. You are now in deeply remote country in the company of mountains and a double corrie complete with waterfalls. There will be people who can cycle up the track that's ahead of you.  Most normal people will push up it and some may even ride a bit until they spin out.  Either way you have to get up the last and highest pass of the journey, Bealach Horn.  You have a lovely burn (the wee Allt Horn) and Meall Horn for company.    The rest at the top will be savoured, partly because you'll be knackered and partly because the view of Arkle, Meall Horn and Foinaven is like few others in the British Isles.  Enjoy the switchbacks above and in the wooded area.  There are natural arches and waterfalls to your left but you won't stop until you blast out between those two huge rocks that mark the edge of the wood (there's room to bivvy under one of them). 

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