Photos of Beinn Eighe Mountain Trail

Distance: 3.5 miles Elevation Gain: 1,938 feet Route Type: Loop



bird watching






2 months ago

Very nice trail. Recommend doing the trail clockwise heading up the mountain trail to start. This would be the left side going up. Once you come out of the woods there is quite a bit of scrambling in the middle section. But the trail is well marked. There are even large piles of rocks along the way to help you know where the trail is. It will get the heart pumping on the way up. The way down is much easier on the opposite side. If you wanted to avoid some scrambling you could go up and down the right side of the trail to make it easier. But the loop is much more fun that’s for sure. The views at the top are incredible. It took us about 4 hours but we stopped many times for photos and had about 30 mins at the top for lunch. You could do it in 3 hrs or less if you move at a fast pace and don’t stop. It was nice to hike a marked trail. Not too crowded. We came across another 8-10 hikers along the whole trail.

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