Photos of Vereda do Pico Castelo (PR2)

Distance: 5.2 miles Elevation Gain: 1,827 feet Route Type: Loop


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3 months ago

You can get to the trailhead even without rented car - take public bus to Camacha (11:00, 13:15... - 1.40 Eur), ask to be dropped at "strada a Pedregal" and walk some 20 min along paved road. When you see white "Pedregal" sign - turn right on 4WD road and zig-zag up there. Don't miss Pico Juliana, which is towering above you on that stretch - trail signposted on the pass, to your left. This is a most spectacular part of the hike... If you like to climb Pico do Facho, highest point of the island - take the gravel road from the saddle between Pico do Castelo and Pico do Facho until sharp left turn, then right after turn take a trail to the right, starting with concrete steps. This trail will take you to radio mast - and behind radio building there is a short climb to actual Top, marked with triangular sign from 1936...

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