PRC35 SMI Moinhos da Ribeira Funda is a 3.2 kilometer lightly trafficked loop trail located near Ribeira Grande, Azores, Portugal that features a waterfall and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking and nature trips and is accessible year-round.

3.2 km
188 m


nature trips




wild flowers


This small circular route starts and ends at Ribeira Funda (Fenais da Ajuda), next to the Hermitage of Nossa Senhora da Aflição. The main points of interest of this route are the remains of a cluster of water mills, several waterfalls in the terminal part of the Ribeira Funda and wide panoramic views of the west and east coast of the island of S. Miguel. The route is initially made by asphalt (150m) and after about 500 meters you should turn left onto a pasture. The passage through this pasture should be made as close to the cane field on the left side. Visitors are advised to take care and respect for the animals that may be in the area. When you reach a fork you should take the path to the left and descend towards the river, where you will round the ruins of an old one taken along the left side. Here you will find the first water mills. After this detour, you should go up and take the path on the left. The trail continues along the right bank of the Ribeira Funda until you reach the bed of the river where you should cross to the other shore where you can see another cluster of water mills. Here is a detour that will connect to the PR27 SMI Praia da Viola. When returning to the right bank of the river, the trail continues towards the mouth, by the call "Rock of the Father of the North", It is necessary to take special care in this part of the route, especially the people who suffer from vertigo. Upon reaching the top of the rock, the trail continues along a beaten path that will take you to the starting point.