PRC3 SMA Between Sierra and the Sea

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PRC3 SMA Between Sierra and the Sea is a 10.0 kilometer moderately trafficked loop trail located near Vila do Porto, Azores, Portugal that features beautiful wild flowers. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding.

10 km
419 m



nature trips



wild flowers


This trail begins and ends at the parish church of Santa Bárbara and takes around 2h30min. The trail begins on a beaten earth path that takes you to Canada dos Atoleiros and then climbs up to two windmills, now in ruins, that stand in Lugar do Arrebentão. A little further ahead, turn left and then right immediately onto a footpath that leads to “Poço da Pedreira”, a stone quarry that provided the stone used to build the typical local houses. Along the trail you will see the typical style of house built in Santa Bárbara, with its characteristic chimneys, typical colours and rural-style architecture. A little further ahead there is a detour that takes you to the top of a hill that provides a unique view over the Bay of São Lourenço. Take a look at this magnificent view and then return to the main trail and head on to Lagos. Here you will find the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes, the only church in the Azores with its doors facing north. After visiting the church walk down from the church forecourt onto a footpath that goes through grazing land and then returns once again to a beaten earth path heading for Vale de Lagos. As you head on down, stop and take a look at Ribeira do Amaro and the splendid waterfall that is around 50m in height. Continue on the trail until you reach the stream, which you should cross, but carefully, and then climb up the other side of the valley to Lugar de Lagos. After crossing the stream you will reach Covão da Mula and there you will see several varieties of plants and birds and get a fine view over the centre of Santa Bárbara. You will also see the holes in the ground where the inhabitants of Santa Bárbara dug out clay for domestic uses. Then head down for about another ten metres and you will have returned to the spot where this panel stands.