PR2 SMA Trail: Pico Alto to Anjos is a 12.9 kilometer moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Vila do Porto, Azores, Portugal that offers scenic views. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding.

12.9 km
456 m
Point to Point



nature trips



This trail, which begins on the Pico Alto forest road, goes through the Barreiro da Faneca via the Baía da Cré and ends in Anjos. The path begins on a tarmac road which goes up to the Pico Alto (587metres), the highest peak on Santa Maria Island, which is an excellent vantage point, with views of the whole island as well as views of São Miguel Island on clear days. After visiting the Pico Alto vantage point, turn back and follow the footpath ahead which leads down through a wood of Japanese red cedar trees and also some endemic species as wood white, green broom, Azorean bilberry, African box and bay laurel. This path ends in an abandoned forestry house, after which the trail continues along a dirt path until it reaches the regional highway (Chã do João Tomé). Following the signs, you will come to the Barreiro da Faneca or the “Red Desert of the Azores”, a unique ecosystem in the Azores, made up of reddish clay lands. Walk around the left side of it and go in the direction of Baía da Cré. Along this stretch the landscape is completely different, with low-lying plants, mainly cacti, fire trees, Victorian box and myrtle. The trail continues on with the Ribeiro do Lemos stream to the left and the Baía da Cré bay to the right. A little further on you should turn off the path to the right, to an old whale observation point from where you can see Anjos, Ponta da Baleia, the Baía da Cré and the Lagoinhas Islet. Return to the main trail which runs alongside a small water course and descends to the bed of the Ribeira do Lemos stream. Cross the stream with care and continue along the path until you come to a tarmac road. Follow the signs and turn to the left along a dirt path which leads you between pasturelands for about 2 kms until you reach Anjos. Walkers are asked to close all the gates to prevent cattle from straying from the fields. Once you reach Anjos, you can turn off to the left to visit the Furna de Santana. This trail crosses very dry areas and on very warm days it is important to drink large quantities of water, so make sure you are well supplied before starting the walk. The trail crosses two nature reserves: the Protected Landscape of Regional Interest of the North Coast and the Baía dos Anjos Nature Reserve. It is everyone’s responsibility to contribute towards their protection and to safeguard their biodiversity through the conservation of this natural habitat.