Cha Gorreana PRC28 SMI

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Cha Gorreana PRC28 SMI is a 3.2 kilometer moderately trafficked loop trail located near Ribeira Grande, Azores, Portugal. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for hiking, walking, and nature trips.

3.2 km
176 m


nature trips


This short circular trail begins and ends near the Gorreana Tea Factory. Carefully cross the regional highway towards the main gate to the entrance of the tea plantation and keep straight ahead until you see a sign to turn to the left. This is the upward part of the trail, which follows a dirt path across the tea plantation. About 1.200 metres from the start of the trail, you will cross a stone bridge which will take you into an area of pastureland and woods. About 450 metres further on you will find a group of agricultural buildings to your right. Keep straight ahead across more tea plantations and then more pastureland. After crossing a wood of Japanese red cedar, turn left towards the highest point on the trail. Just a little further on, you will see drinking troughs for cattle to your right. After another 100 metres, at the top of the pasture, turn right and walk towards the Casa do Mirante, a house now in ruins, from which you get a wonderful sweeping view over the north coast of the island, from Pico da Vara, to the east, to Ribeirinha, to the northwest. Down below lie the tea plantations and the Gorreana Tea Factory. Go back down the same path and at the end of this stretch you will see a sign indicating a left turn across a field. Keep on alongside a thicket of Japanese red cedar, skirting the pastureland until you get back onto the path, where you should turn left. About 200 metres further on, near an old farmhouse, take the path to your left which will take you back to the entrance to the tea plantation. The final stretch of the trail leads back to the regional highway via the tea plantation. At the end of the trail visit the Gorreana Tea Factory, where you can restore your energy with a tea of your choice.