Krzywa, Lipna, Długie, Nieznajowa, Wołowiec

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Krzywa, Lipna, Długie, Nieznajowa, Wołowiec is a 22.9 kilometer loop trail located near Krzywa, Lesser Poland (Malopolskie), Poland that features a river and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and nature trips.

Distance: 22.9 km Elevation Gain: 563 m Route Type: Loop


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Krzywe - Kamienny Wierch - Lipna - Lower Radocyna - Czarne - Nieznajowa - Wołowiec - Krzywy Walking trail, leading along the trail of the Lemko villages evicted in 1945 - 1947: Lipna, Radocyna, Dlugie and Nieznajowa. In these villages there are visible traces of settlement, i.e. old fruit trees, cellars, fragments of infrastructure (e.g. bridgehead in Nieznajowa) and what people were afraid to steal over time, i.e. cemeteries. Overgrown and left without memory of those who should look after them, i.e. the Lemkos themselves. It's sad ... In Lipna, traces of two churches: Orthodox and Greek Catholic, parish and military cemetery, designed by Dusan Jurkovic from 1915. The old cast iron cross from the church looks sentimental, once under a tree, today it is ingrown strongly ... In addition, the Lemko chapel, restored by the Dzik hunting band. Radocyna Dolna used to be a small habitat, unlike Radocyna Górna, today it is only a forester's lodge and a building proudly called a hotel. Shelter standard, include delicious tomato soup that we can eat on the bench outside. In Długa, a parish and military cemetery, both located on the banks of the upper Wisłoka. Near the retort for charcoal burning. Nieznajowa was once a very large village with two churches, a mill and shops. It took place periodically in Nieznajowa market, which was visited by buyers even from distant Krakow. Today it is a beautiful but empty valley in the place where Zawoja flows into Wisłoka. Numerous cellars, wild apple trees, crosses and stone chapels, parish cemetery and church. In the summer, cow grazing cyclically takes place here, organized by the Association for the Development of the Curve Sołectwa, whose ranks I join :) Along the way, there is also the village of Wołowiec with an active Greek Catholic church and the seat of the Czarne publishing house. Most of the residents of Wołowiec are Lemkos. The route was amazing, I have already walked it several times, but each time it makes me enjoy. I recommend a visit to the heart of the Lemko region.

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