Mount Pinatubo

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Mount Pinatubo is a 12.6 kilometer out and back trail located near Cadmang, Tarlac, Philippines that features a river. The trail is rated as difficult and primarily used for hiking.

12.6 km
696 m
Out & Back




19 days ago

Great hike and great scenery. Have to meet at either 3 or 4am to get to staging area before 6am. If you are over 40 years old they will take your blood pressure. The jeep ride to trailhead is bumpy, watery, and rough. The hike includes some creek crossings. There is plenty of food and bathrooms at the crater. It's a worthwhile hike. Almost no elevation until near the end and even then it's not bad. Just really rocky. Tripinas has a good tour and not expensive if you go with a group. About $45.00 USD. Private tours/hikes can be trip or quadruple that.

1 month ago

Gorgeous, challenging, but not steep. a fun varied hike that lasts all morning. go early to beat the heat.

1 month ago

You have to arrange for a guide before you go usually use TripAdvisor or your hotel it’s a all day event starting with being loaded up in a Toyota Land Cruiser with about an hr half ride to the base then a brisk walk you will get to the rest area after 45min then another 25min additional hike to the top bring at least one liter of water older people use walking sticks.