Via Ferrata and Strada delle 52 Galleria

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Via Ferrata and Strada delle 52 Galleria is a 6.1 mile moderately trafficked loop trail that features a cave. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking and walking. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

6.1 miles
3,257 feet

dog friendly






This is a fun hike, it begins at the parking lot to the Strada delle 52 Galleria.  You take a trail just to the left of the main entrance to the hiking area.  It quickly becomes pretty steep, there is some minor rock scrambling at first.  Then back to hiking, after a while you will definitely need your climbing harness and via ferrata set.  You climb up a tall ladder than traverse across a cliff face that feels like you are 1000 feet off the ground.  Overall you are perfectly safe, but if you have any fears of heights, they will defintely come out here.  After traversing a little, you will go back to hiking and scrambling over some decent size boulders.  Once you you reach one of the mountain peaks, you will reach some protected descents, and then it's hiking back up.  You will see some old war ruins and make it to the Rifugio where depending on when you go, you will be able to get some food and wine.  You have two choices for your return route, the actual Strada delle 52 Galleria trail which goes through 52 tunnels that were built during the great war, or the road which is on the back side of the mountain.  I'd recommend the trail at least the first time, then the road if you hike it again, the rocks tend to start hurting the knees after a while.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Incredibly remarkable hike with some of the most gorgeous views I've ever seen. I even saw some wildlife, as there was a mountain goat (or some kind a goat) above the trail. I had to stop recording halfway through because my phone was about to die and I definitely needed the flashlight in certain parts of the trail.

The entire trail is well laid out. They were a couple of times I wasn't certain where to go immediately, but after looking for a couple seconds, it became obvious. There is a lot of loose rocks and uneven terrain. There were a couple of older hikers that turned around, saying that it was too much for their knees and ankles.

At the turnaround point there is a great café where you can stop and relax before turning around. Nothing like having a beer at what seems like the top of the world. Definitely recommend for everyone.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

We did this hike after having many friends recommend it. We got rained on but were already halfway up the trail so we went on. The trail was built in WWI and has some information at the beginning explaining what it was used for during that period and after.

There are a couple places with in the tunnels where it gets really dark so you definitely want to have a flashlight or some type of light source with you. At the top there was a place where if you time it you can get food. We did not time it right, but they were kind enough to let us dry out by the fire and tie our dog up in shed so we could all be out of the rain. They way back down we opted to go down the road as it was getting dark and we wanted to see both sides.

The views are stunning even with the rain it was 100% worth it.

6 months ago