3.2 miles
620 feet
Out & Back






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1 month ago

Bunes Beach is very scenic and very isolated. To get here, you first have to take a ferry from Reine to Vindstad, and those only run twice a day (usually once in the morning for drop-off, and once in the afternoon for pick-up).

The trail is rather easy, with only a bit of steepness at the end, before the beach. The trail is well-marked, considering how isolated and lightly trafficked this is. It starts in the town of Vindstad, as soon as you get off the ferry. As you walk through the town, there will eventually be a sign that points you to the left and the real "trail" part of this trail starts. Most of it is at a mild incline, which kicks up a bit just before you reach the beach (though I wouldn't call this "steep"). Then a quick decline to get you onto the sand part of the beach. To get to the actual water, though, it's about another 10-15 minute walk. At the end, you end up on a very lovely white sand beach surrounded by glacier mountains (which can also be hiked, if you plan on camping overnight).

This is Norway, so it goes without saying that you can camp here. Most people just do this hike as a day trip, but there will be a few people who stay behind to hike the peaks alongside the beach (which offer great views themselves).