Photos of Svevestien

Distance: 0.4 miles Elevation Gain: 26 feet Route Type: Loop

wheelchair friendly

stroller friendly


nature trips

scenic driving

trail running


bird watching



3 months ago

My son and I stopped and hiked this trail while driving the Atlantic Road. It had really good views of the bridge, islands and coast. The trash sculpture, in the shape of a crab, was created by students of a nearby middle school after collecting trash along the islands connected by the Atlantic Road. There is a trail book about half-way around the loop, which of course we had to sign. The trail is very well done, short, flat and easy allowing it to be enjoyed by all. There is also a cafe and restrooms right next to the parking lot. There were very few people around when we were there in May, so I could see it getting a more traffic during the summer months.

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