Romsdalseggen Ridge is a 10.9 kilometer lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Rauma, Møre og Romsdal, Norway that features a great forest setting. The trail is rated as difficult and primarily used for hiking and nature trips.

10.9 km
911 m
Out & Back


nature trips



5 days ago

First off, this hike is a hike of a lifetime. I did this hike in the 3rd week of August this year with my two siblings. My sister is quite afraid of heights, but she decided to brave it and come along. I read a lot on the internet about this hike before doing it. What I found said “experienced hikers only,” and I had a hard time figuring out what that meant. Do I need ropes and crampons? All jokes aside, if you hike on the kinda sorta regular basis and have a good pair of hiking shoes or boots, you’ll be fine. I live in Utah and felt prepared in decent shape. We were surprised how chilly it was, if in late summer definitely bring layers and plan for rain. We didn’t have rain gear, storm clouds circled us and just sprinkled but we got super lucky. Definitely plan for rain. By the time we were hiking the ridge we were freezing, wishing we had gloves and grateful we had hats. As mentioned by others the descent is the hardest part, joints and knees were really feeling it by the end and it felt like it wouldn’t end! My knees in particular were not happy.
Since my sister is afraid of heights, we look up as much info as we could on the ridge line. Luckily my brother and I are not deathly afraid of heights. Most people said the ridge was scary with chains, the whole nine yards but in my personal opinion, there was one short section that felt narrow (maybe 20 yards, very short) and the rest was fine. The chains are there to keep you SAFE and by no means are there to let you cling on to life. The photos of the ridgeline look very narrow but two people can comfortably walk side by side during almost all of it. If you’ve been to Zion NP and have hiked angels landing, you won’t be afraid of the heights this hike has. Angels landing was much narrower, a bit scarier and more crowded.
Sorry for the long winded post but I thought I’d pay it forward to anyone out there looking for the same info I wanted while planning my trip to Norway. Definitely take the one way bus from Andalsnes that leaves at 9:30 from the train station.
All in all, an Incredible hike! Worth the aches and pains. Definitely will be a memory of a lifetime and is a wonderful highlight of our trip.

1 month ago

Fu**ing insane. If you’re even a little bit scared of heights, do it anyway. Have some good friends with you to help. One missed step and you’re done! So worth it! I’d do it again no doubts. I can’t believe something like that is real. The views.. no words can describe it. Just do it

2 months ago

The ridge and views are outstanding... second to none. but do NOT underestimate this hike. we did the optional extra peak taking this to Km and it took us 8 hours! we are fit and experienced hikers! the ridge requires scrambling and a head for heights and the last 2km are essentially a long staircase straight down a cliff -excruciating by the end! But, the view from the ridge.... unbeatable. (and we hiked half it in the pouring rain with no visibility)

btw get the morning bus to the start of the hike! leaves 9 30 am from andalsnes train station

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