Asker Historical Walking Tour

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Asker Historical Walking Tour is a 3.1 kilometer loop trail located near Asker, Akershus, Norway that features a river. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for walking.

3.1 km
64 m

kid friendly



This walk takes you along some of the historical places in and around the town center of Asker. The walk starts at "Wentzels plass" (Wentzels Square) in front of Hasselbakken (built in 1884). The square is named after Gustav (Painter) and Kitty Wentzel (Artist, journalist, sculptress) who lived in Hasselbakken from 1892-1901. Hasselbakken is today owned by the Municipality of Asker and used as a hub for voluntary activities. Just behind Hasselbakken you'll pass "Venskaben". This neo-classic building from 1904 was originally built as a communal house by a local women's organization. Throughout the years it functioned both as bank, city hall and cinema. The house is today owned by the municipality and can be rented for social occasions, voluntary activities or meetings. Further up the road you'll pass the current City Hall of Asker. The walk then passes through "Askergårdene" (Asker farms). This used to be the old town center of Asker. When the railway came in 1872 the town center shifted to the area around the station. Continuing up along "Askerveien" you can see the traditional method of trimming ash trees (Norwegian: Ask). The upper branches were used as feed for livestock. The trees cut this way are called "Askerkaller". The name Asker probably derives from "a place with many ash trees." Askerveien leads up to Asker Church. The church was built in 1879 after the old burnt down. Opposite of the church you'll find a memorial stone inscripted with the names of those citizens of Asker who were killed during the Second World War. Around the memorial stone you can see several grave mounds dating back to the iron age. From the church the walk continues down towards "Askerelva" (Asker river). A bit further up from the small bridge crossing the river was probably the location of the mills belonging to the Asker farms. Heading back you'll cross "Rabbe bru" (Rabbe Bridge) located by an old ford. Just before coming back to the town center you'll walk across "Asker bru" (Asker Bridge) located where the old Kings Road from Christiania (Now Oslo) to the Silver Mines in Kongsberg crossed the river.