Photos of Marsden Valley to Brook Valley via Glider Road

Distance: 9.5 miles Elevation Gain: 2,591 feet Route Type: Point to Point


mountain biking



no dogs

1 month ago

Park up at the entrance to the Marsden Valley, there is a small car park by the river/bridge. For a better walk, best to park another group members car at the Brook Campaite, or visitor centre for the Brook Sanctuary, and therefore you avoid a long walk back to town at the end. Also, best to walk from Marsden Valley to Brook as the Brook section is extremely steep and would not want to do this going uphill. Then you’ll wind your way up until you meet a 4x4 track which steadily rises for about 3km until it opens up to a plateau with a view over Tasman Bay and Tasman District. Then there is a bit more uphill at a moderate gradient before reaching a paragliding area which is a short walk off the main route, and has expansive views. Well worth the short detour. Onwards and through a gorse area before entering a beech tree section which has one decent uphill section but is mainly flat other than this. Finally you descend to the Brook Campsite and runs down the fence of a pest free reserve, this is a very steep downhill tramp over about 3km. Your toes will feel this by the end. Once you finally cross the bridge and end up in the campsite and entrance to the Brook Sanctuary, there is a long flat walk back to town. Best to park some cars at the campsite or in The Brook to start with rather than have to walk another 5km to Nelson City.

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