The Hague to Rotterdam is a 24.6 kilometer point-to-point trail located near The Hague, South Holland, Netherlands that offers scenic views and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and nature trips.

Distance: 24.6 km Elevation Gain: 352 m Route Type: Point to Point


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partially paved


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1 month ago

​This is NOT a trail. First part in Rotterdam is next to a noisy highway. Next part, along the river 'Schie' is on the wrong side of the river, with houses blocking the view. I live in Rotterdam and I sometimes run to Delft. You can actually better start this walk at the Erasmus Bridge, facing the city - take a left and follow the big river, the Nieuwe Maas, until you can go no further. You will pass the World Museum and a small harbour after that, just walk around it back to the river and keep going until you can go no further. (At the end is a nice park for a small detour.) You will have to take a right as a small canal branches off, so do so, cross the Parksluis and take a left. See the water on your left? Keep it there, and follow it! You will walk the Rochussenstraat and Aelbrechtskade. Still a city walk, but no highway! The road will turn into a bicycle path and a foot path, but just keep going, following the water. You're leaving the city now, walking past a prison. You will cross a foot bridge, justkeep going. Eventually, you find yourself on a small street with cute little houses to your right and the Delfthavense Schie still to your left. Keep going until you reach a T-section on a small, pretty iron bridge. You are now almost back on the original path, but after a prettier city walk. Instead of going right, though, go left (cross that little bridge, switching the river to your right) about 200 meters till you reach the road crossing another bridge. You need to get bacj to the river you were following, so cross it, and a bit further on you find a small road leading you right back to the river, which is now on your right. Follow that and you will end up in Delft on the original path. I don't know about the second half to The Hague, but I hope it was planned with more care than the first half. 

2 months ago

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