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Alphen naar Leiden is a 12.8 mile point-to-point trail located near Alphen aan den Rijn, South Holland, Netherlands that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and walking.

Distance: 12.8 miles Elevation Gain: 810 feet Route Type: Point to Point




city walk

historic site

In Alphen, you will walk through the southern hen and then through the northern center. So it is a typical Rhine town, where on 9 April 2011 a notorious shooting incident took place in the Ridderhof shopping center. The shooter was a member of a shooting club and shot 13 people upside down. Seven including the shooter died. You then pass Avifauna bird park on the other side. When the mayor opened his backyard to the public in 1949, the public was so enthusiastic that it was turned into a bird park, the first in the world (according to Wiki). When Van de Valk bought the stuff, the Toucan immediately became the Valk symbol (bizarre). From Alphen you continue along the Rhine to Poelgeest. Another old settlement with a castle. Here was once the center of the Hoekse and Kabeljauwse controversies in 1326. Furthermore, Aleid van Poelgeest came from here; she was the mistress of the count of Holland, Albrecht of Bavaria. She was murdered by nobles from Hoekse in 1392, where it was not just about politics but also about heritage. The only thing left of the castle is a tower and a sign with an exciting story. You will walk through the Achthovenerdijk with many beautiful courts to Leiderdorp, where you will unknowingly pass the underground tunnel of the HSL line, which runs right under the green heart. One thing to know for sure: the Fyra does not run there. Via the bridge over the Zijl. The Zijl is a drainage channel to the Kagerplassen and is the product of good cooperation between the water managers. The Rijnland District Water Board was founded in the 13th century on the basis of a good polder model. In Leiderdorp you also pass the enormous works on the A4. It runs through the village, but is lowered. You then enter Leiden via the beautiful Zijlpoort. You will pass the tree-closing house (1597), which later became gatekeeper's house when the Zijlpoort arrived. Leiden is a beautiful city with a lot of history. After the relief of Leiden on October 3, 1574, the city received a university gift in 1575 from Willem van O. Not entirely disinterested, because theologians had to come. Leiden has delivered the most noble winners. There is a lot more in Leiden, there is the Burcht. The motte is located in the middle of the city and dates from the 9th century. It served as a refuge for the people during siege and high water. Because the thing was always in the middle of habitation, it was no longer so important as a defense work, but it is located right there, where the Old and New Rhine meet. Leiden was especially famous as a cloth city. Many Flemings fled to Leiden to settle there. The cloth trade fell into decline and with it Leiden. It was the reason that Leiden was too poor for major renovations and we are now reaping the benefits, because there are still so many authentic monuments. It is nice to walk along the canals, the city walls, the Vliet and the Rapenburg, where you will find the most famous garden in the Netherlands: The Hortus Botanicus from 1590. It has always been open to the public and it still is! Carolus Clusius, together with Dirk Cluyt (!) have made plants such as potato, corn, tomato and tobacco known as hortolanus. Later Linnaeus was added. And if you go into the hortus don't forget to walk along the Victoria Amazonica. With leaves of 3 m diameter, this water lily is the largest. It only blooms 2 days a night.

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