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Kampen to Zwolle is a 11.7 mile point-to-point trail located near Kampen, Overijssel, Netherlands that features a river and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options.

Distance: 11.7 miles Elevation Gain: 469 feet Route Type: Point to Point


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Stopping with your feet in the IJssel river is the subtitle for this really beautiful walk. In various places you can indeed swim with your feet in the IJssel. From Kampen you follow the Hanzepad to the lock over the Zwolle-IJsel Canal, which is signposted with yellow / red stickers. Kampen beckons when I leave the train station on the other side of the IJssel. The city has many sights, but this walker wants to make miles and so it turns left towards Zwolle. Just before Wilsum we turn and continue on our way through the floodplains. Back on the dike we walk through Wilsum a unique village with ... yes, city rights. The Romanesque Gothic church from 1050 is probably the oldest church in Overijssel. You walk into the Koppelerwaard, a heaven on earth for ducks, geese and swans. Further on you will come to 's Heerenbroek, where the IJssel can be crossed with a ferry to Zalk, you can have a drink in the Theehuis. You pass many stork poles, some of which are inhabited. The roar of traffic on the A28, which is further on, annoys the silence. Strangely enough, the noise becomes less as you approach the highway. You walk under the highway through Zwolle and you pass the Spoolderberg. Once a very important meeting point where landlords were inaugurated, important meetings were held in hay (November) and on grass (May), justice was given and Zwolle obtained its city rights in 1230. You now walk the Willemsvaart for a long time and cross it at some point to set course for Zwolle station.

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