Maasheggen is a 8.3 mile point-to-point trail located near Boxmeer, North Brabant, Netherlands that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options.

Distance: 8.3 miles Elevation Gain: 282 feet Route Type: Point to Point


nature trips


bird watching





This trail takes you through the center of Boxmeer with a beautiful former monastery and the impressive St. Peter's Basilica in the direction of the Maas. From here you follow the Maas- and Peelliniepad, a regional path through the Land van Cuijk. Near the river you can see Boxmeer castle. The route goes to the lock complex of Sambeek close to the Maas. The route then follows grass and sand paths through the unique and small-scale Maasheggen landscape for the Netherlands. The dense hawthorn hedges divide the grass-green floodplain into smaller meadows. Part of the route cannot be walked on at high tide in the Maas. The 'Maasheggen landscape' consists of dense hawthorn hedges that divide the grass-green floodplains into smaller meadows. They were planted as property separation and insurance. Moreover, the wood was used for making tools (including hammer handles), as fuel for the fireplace and building material. Many hedges have disappeared due to the 'invention' of barbed wire and mechanization of agriculture. They were seen as obstacles that reduce grass yield and are expensive to maintain. Meanwhile, from a landscape point of view, a start has been made with restoration of the hedges. For birds, such as the bruise, song thrush, tail tit, blackbird and winter king, the hedges are a true paradise, especially in winter. They offer shelter and food, because the hawthorns keep their fruit until the winter. Many migratory birds visit the Maasheggen on their route to the 'sunny south'. For badgers who also feel in their element here, points (aisles) are made in the hedges so that they are not impeded in their search for earthworms and other delicacies. During the day the badgers sleep in their fortresses. You will therefore not encounter them quickly during the walk.

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