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Huijbergen naar Schijf is a 18.3 kilometer point-to-point trail located near Huijbergen, North Brabant, Netherlands that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and walking.

Distance: 18.3 km Elevation Gain: 73 m Route Type: Point to Point




partially paved


Right along the border From Huijbergen it will be a real border route, but not before we have walked through a beautiful grove to the land border. Just like in Germany, most electrical overhead lines also run above ground. That is apparently a luxury with us. Via the Hollandse Dreef we pass the track exactly on the border and arrive in Essen, which, just like Putte, is also right on the border, but where the accent is Belgian. Here too, the monks were in control for a long time with the Dukes of Brabant. What stands out when you walk through this area are the cyclists. You can clearly see that this sport is much more popular here than in Holland. There you see those men only at the weekend; here you see them throughout the week. But admittedly, the stars also live and live in Belgium. Before we get to Schijf we have to go through a forbidden forest of the wealthy family Carlier. They were Elf's oil farmers, so their possessions extend to the Netherlands. When the last of the two sisters died, distant cousins (who moved to Brazil after the war) stood in line for the legacy. The sisters decided to transfer everything to the King Baudouin Foundation. So everything went to charity, because the sisters were known for their generosity. The forest is closed nowadays, but you can still walk there secretly to enjoy the beautiful hunting lodge and a chapel hidden deep in the woods. The stage ends in Schijf. An area where peat was once cut and the population was poor, but since the 14th century there has been a (peat) water connection with Rucphen, to which the hamlet now belongs.

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