St Josefkapel Walk is a 8.1 mile point-to-point trail located near Oostrum, Limburg, Netherlands that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for walking.

Distance: 8.1 miles Elevation Gain: 570 feet Route Type: Point to Point






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In October 2010, the now no longer existing Grasduinen magazine (now called Roots) investigated the walking junction network in Limburg. The conclusion was, quote: “There is still room for improvement at the walking junctions around Venray. The different local routes could, for example, be linked to each other. It would also be nice if there are fewer routes along major roads and the markings may be a little clearer. It would probably save a lot if there were a national standard. Unfortunately, such a national network is still missing for walking junctions. As a result, the quality of the networks varies greatly per province. Perhaps Limburg can take an example from Noord-Brabant: there are thousands of kilometers to walk along the walking junction network. The signs are also very clear. The green-yellow markings stand out, but are not a disturbing factor in the landscape. A disadvantage of the nodes is that the signs are sometimes subject to vandalism; That is why an extensive route description has been included in Grasduinen ”. Note that the posts are still difficult to find and that, because of vandalism, certain important pictures of the posts had disappeared, so that you could easily go wrong. So take the AllTrails map and directions with you! By the way, a node ticket is for sale at Venray station. The route is indeed very beautiful! The first few posts are in the village of Oostrum. Landgoed Geysteren is beautiful, especially now with a golden rain of falling birch leaves and the warm smell of the foliage. You will discover the magic of the Limburg landscape. Stately beech trees and imposing horse chestnuts surround the pasture-filled meadow at De Rosmolen farm, a small stream rustling along a water wheel. Then you come to the Boschhuizerbergen with coarse pines, but the network stops there. Walk towards Smakt, which consists of a few houses, a restaurant, a monastery and a chapel. Opposite the monastery is the Pelgrimslaan. In the past, pilgrimages were commonplace here. But where the chapels used to indicate the direction of the route, it is now the walking junctions: walkers like modern pilgrims, traveling from point to point. A network of nodes is also starting in Smakt, just next to the chapel. The chapel from 1699 and enlarged around 1860 to what it is today, appears to be in honor of Saint Joseph van Smakt. According to the information board, this saint is the patron of 'the Christian family, a happy state of life and a blissful death. He is also the one to whom you can pray for a good man. So ladies light a candle here. According to one present, people are always praying here. This is also the only St Josef Chapel in the Netherlands. Well worth a visit. Via a spur of the Overloonse Duinen you arrive at the station of Vierlingsbeek.

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