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Spaubeekroute is a 6.3 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Spaubeek, Limburg, Netherlands that features a river and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options.

Distance: 6.3 miles Elevation Gain: 570 feet Route Type: Loop


mountain biking


bird watching


partially paved



wild flowers


historic site

The Beekse outer area is known as a transitional area between city and countryside in South Limburg. It is very attractive in terms of landscape and has many cultural and natural values. This walk starts at the Spaubeek station and first runs through the village. Further on, the route offers you a variety of landscapes that are special even for South Limburg. The route takes you further over a plateau, past graves, fruit orchards and crosses. But the surroundings of the Spaubeekerbos take the crown: hollow roads and old grooves lead you through a green, somewhat surreal landscape. Along the way you have some beautiful views over the hill country. Details along this route: St. Laurentius Church Spaubeek. Built in 1925, this church is a fine example of religiosity and modern art. Roman Catholic Church of St. Laurentius. Built on the location of a church building dating from 1837. The current Laurentius church, designed in a traditional style, is the first realized church design by architect J. Schoenmaekers from Sittard. After that, you will soon walk through the Spaubeekerbos after a beautiful Limburg carré farm. This slope forest lies along the Hoogbeeksken. It consists mainly of old beech trees under which few herbs grow. In the ash and oak section you will find yellow dead nettle, common Solomon seal, spotted arum and wood anemone. The flat part of the stream valley is planted with poplars. In the deciduous forest north of the orchard, slender primrose, day cuckoo flower and robert's herb grow along the stream. The badger lives in the area. Other mammals are fox, stone marten, polecat and squirrel. The forest contains the ruins of an open-air theater built by the local population in the 1950s for music and theater performances. It is no longer used today. You will also pass The Geological Monument Diependaal, this is a 'native conglomerate. The other conglomerates found are often just fragments of natural concrete from a gravel bank that were formed elsewhere and then carried away by a river. The uniqueness of this conglomerate is in the word 'native'. The conglomerate found here also originated here and could in fact still 'grow'. It is also very large compared to other conglomerates found elsewhere. Furthermore, the location of this monument is special because it lies on a Grubbe or a hollow road. About 1 to 2 million years ago, the (primeval) Maas ran here as a very wide meandering river with side streams such as the Geleenbeek that is still close by. These rivers and streams have carved deep into the landscape and left behind a thick layer of gravel and sand. Finally you walk through beautiful pear orchards back to and through Spaubeek to the station.

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