Arnhem City Walk is a 13.7 kilometer point-to-point trail located near Arnhem, Gelderland, Netherlands that features a river and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options.

Distance: 13.7 km Elevation Gain: 214 m Route Type: Point to Point


mountain biking


bird watching

partially paved



wild flowers


historic site

pub walk

A messy green provincial town. At Arnhem you expect chic, but when you enter the city through the station it is a big building site. Of course, that will all be great, but the construction site has been around for eight years. The center also looks messy, but if you look a little further than the center, then Arnhem is a beautiful green city. And the special thing about Arnhem is that it is the only city in the Netherlands where trolley buses run. They are slightly more expensive in terms of operation than diesel buses, but it is cleaner. Nobody is surprised that it is such a mess, because Arnhem suffered terribly in the second World War. The Allies were unable to conquer the bridge after a parachute dropping in Oosterbeek. The battle and the accompanying debacle was so historic that it was made into a film (a bridge too far), using the Deventer bridge as the backdrop. Arnhem is, just like Nijmegen, bombed by the allies. Arnhem was originally located on the Jansbeek (which is still there) and when the people of Arnhem moved the Rhine themselves, Arnhem was on the Rhine. From the late Middle Ages, Arnhem became the most important (previously it was Zutphen) and Arnhem was the gateway to the Netherlands. All in all, when you walk through Arnhem you can still admire beautiful buildings here and there. The Sabelspoort and the Maarten van Rossumhuis are the ultimate examples of this with the Eusebius. The church has undergone many restorations. After the first restoration, with a lot of sculpture, the church had to close again in the sixties because of the falling rocks. After a second restoration, the church and tower are back on the scaffolding, waiting for better times. With a lift you can nowadays enter the 93m high tower and enjoy the Arnhem view, while in the church you can enjoy the famous Jan Swart organ. The public buildings such as the town hall, provincial hall and palace of justice are all together and form a mixture of many new and a bit old. The Mandela Bridge was built to further open up Arnhem. The Rijnkade on the north side has finally been opened up, but here too it is a mess. It seems as if the project developers are handling everything at once. It is worthwhile to include the south bank of the Rhine in the walk. You have a beautiful view of the city and the John Frost Bridge can be admired even better from a beautiful unpaved walking / cycling path. Back in the city the walk goes via Musis (the poorly acoustic auditorium of the Gelders Orchestra) to a beautiful Artdeco district (mayor's district) and the many city parks. Visit the park Sonsbeek with its historic villa and the park Zijpendaal with a beautiful castle. The area is so water-rich here, with all those streams, that there is a water museum, where you can sample water and learn a lot about water. Back at the station, you also arrive at the construction site on the north side, where Arnhem also has its own Twin Towers. It is not beautiful, but Arnhem simply has to derive its allure from something.

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