Vlieland Loop is a 30.4 kilometer moderately trafficked loop trail located near Vlieland, Friesland, Netherlands that offers scenic views and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options.

Distance: 30.4 km Elevation Gain: 165 m Route Type: Loop


nature trips

trail running


bird watching


Vlieland It is one of the smallest wadden islands, but it has everything: forest, heath, dune, wad, sea. The islet is ideal for walking around. It is wise to split the walk in two or three, because the trip there is a major investment. An hour and a half sailing from the boat in Harlingen. It is then wise to choose Posthuys as the center. Vlieland has only been part of Friesland since 1942. North Holland was the lucky owner for that. So they don't speak Frisian here. Perhaps this is because Vlieland used to be attached to Eierland (now Texel). All sorts of floods confused everything and with the arrival of the Afsluitdijk, Friesland was a more favorable place to approach Vlieland from Harlingen. The mail therefore entered the Vliehors via Texel and via the sand plain. This post was important because Vlieland was the last jetty for the large ships to the world's seas. The commanders often stayed here in luxury residences while their crews and their ships waited for good weather or better wind. In short, many barges were waiting for the Vlieland road to pass through the Vlie, the most important passage, to the North Sea. Vlieland has only known forests since the 20th century, before that the wood was gathered by jute activities. In short, poverty is an asset here. And enough ships were lost here to be able to gather something. The goldship the Lutine is the most famous. It is still there, deep underground at the northeast point. The ship's bell has been recovered and the remainder of gold bars bit by bit, but the rest are deep under the sand. Vlieland is difficult to sail from Harlingen. Just before the island is a large sandbar (De Richel). The ferry or sailing ship must neatly sail around it. On a sunny day you can see the seals bathing here. Half of Vlieland consists of a large sandbar, the Vliehors. This plain is used by the air force as a target. So it is not very convenient to just walk here. Fortunately, you can hit the sand once a day with the Vlie Express. It is a large tractor bus with wheels, with a text poem. The beach is thus provided with beautiful poetry every day. The story goes that Mel (the female companion of the Express) got her marriage proposal this way while she was on the tractor and did not know that her lover had put "you want to marry me" on her wheels. The passengers of course knew what to do with that. The polders from Kroon are beautiful. A water engineer who won some land every time through smart dikes. Rijkswaterstaat put an end to that at the time, to the great sorrow of Kroon. Now it is a great nature reserve, because the dyke with the mudflats has been pierced. Oost-Vlieland is the only place on Vlieland. It has many historic houses, because shipping was checked from here. Nowadays Vlieland only knows tourists, who can even book a Doctor Deen package to various film locations. Finally, take a walk to the low, but high lighthouse on the edge of the village on the fire dune. The view is beautiful and you can always take a look at the tower, which actually comes from IJmuiden.

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