Leeuwarden is a 6.3 kilometer loop trail located near Leeuwarden, Friesland, Netherlands and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for walking.

Distance: 6.3 km Elevation Gain: 79 m Route Type: Loop



city walk

historic site

pub walk

Leeuwarden has a city center with canals and hills, dating from the Middle Ages. Old facades and beautifully restored monuments adorn the city. The leaning tower "De Oldehove" and the monumental Waag are good examples of this. But a city walk through the center of Leeuwarden is more than a tour of old buildings. It also includes remarkable facades and streets, pleasant shops and interesting museums. A day strolling in the Frisian capital has many highlights. Meet the present and the past. You will get a nice overview of Leeuwarden if you first climb the old leaning Oldehove. That leaning tower without a spire has been a beacon of Leeuwarden for centuries. At around 40 meters, it is now home to the large office giants of Avero and Achmea. Something went wrong with the foundation during the construction of the Oldehove. The streets around the Oldehove have been booming in recent years with various restaurants and eateries. So after the end of this city walk you can enjoy a nice drink on a terrace or at the main table. The city center of Leeuwarden is still in fairly good historical condition. If you look at a nostalgic print map from 1603, you will recognize almost all streets, squares, canals and buildings. Various canals were filled in in the twentieth century, but fortunately the typical character of the streets around it has been preserved. Like in every city, the billboards and glass fronts of the big chain stores dominate here too. But he who looks up is rewarded. Markant is the store of Auke Rauwerda, on the Westerplantage, at the foot of the Oldehove. A historic 'Shop in Paint, Brush and Ironware. For many decades the saying goes through Leeuwarden: "If Auke isn't it, forget it!" For the layman, a whole series of connected buildings contains a countless and incomprehensible inventory in which the employees always know what you have been looking for for so long.

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