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Kathmandu MTB to Tatopani Hot-Springs (Langtang)

MODERATE 2 reviews

Kathmandu MTB to Tatopani Hot-Springs (Langtang) is a 140.3 kilometer moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Magargaun, Province 3, Nepal that features hot springs and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.

140 km
6,361 m
Point to Point


mountain biking

nature trips

scenic driving


bird watching

hot springs



wild flowers


This is a guide for a mountain bike trip in 4 to 6 days, going from Kathmandu, through Shivapuri National Park, to Tatopani village in Langtang National Park. It promises great panorama's of Langtang & a relaxing hot spring visit. Day 1: This first day (70km, 6-7 hrs) the route takes you from North of Kathmandu, via Budhanilkantha, into Shivapuri National park (entry fee 250 Nrs) with destination: Trisuli. This whole day is off the main road, following relatively easy jeep trails. You begin with a 575m climb, then after that it's a pretty steep, rocky downhill 1360m to the river valley and from there almost flat to Trisuli. An easy day, that's why it is nice to make a detour, or a separate trip (on the same day) from Trisuli to Nuwakot. This is only 15km round trip, but still a 450m climb. Worth the effort for the nice Newari style palace which dominates the view of Nuwakot. There is not much choice in hotels in Trisuli; expect Dhal Bhat & a cold shower. But the hotel will be only 2 or 300 Nrs per room. Nuwakot however, has a very nice hotel to spend the night; "The Famous Farm". It is approximately 30 Usd/night, but has much better amenities as offered in Trisuli. Day 2: The second day (60.1 km, 8-9 hrs) takes you from Trisuli, via Dunche, into Langtang National park (entry fee 1000 Nrs) with destination: Syabru Bensi. This second day follows the main road from Kathmandu to Syabru Bensi, however after Trisuli the tarmac ends quickly, to be replaced by alternating smooth gravel, rutted bumpy dirt or rough rocky (with some steep up and downhills). There is not much traffic at all on this part of the road; only in the morning and afternoon a few buses and fourwheel drive cars with tourists going to Langtang. It's a pretty tough day, with a lot of climbing (2200m in total) and sometimes a very rough rocky road. The first 9km out of Trisuli are easy going, until the start of a 1660m climb to 2187m at the highest point. Even when you've reached Dunche, (after 46.2km) the climbing is not yet over; first you descend 240m to quickly climb almost the same back up. Just before Dunche is the rangers station where you have to get a permit to enter Langtang for 1000 Nrs. You can get it there, just bring your ID, there is not really a need to get this permit in Kathmandu Syabru Bensi is at 1460m, about 450m lower as Dunche. The last part is a nice steep downhill through about 10 tight hairpin curves, with drainage bumps which are great to make some air, jumping. Syabru Bensi is geared towards tourists. Many hotels, with hot showers and rooms for about 200 Nrs. Also more international choices in food. Check out the local favorite: Snikah-Momo; which is a large burrito-like invention of momo dough, filled with a Snickers bar and deep-fried. Day 3: The third day (21.1km, 6-7 hrs) you go from Syabru Bensi, straight up and down to Chilime and from there straight up to Tatopani. The last part to Tatopani you have to walk. Many people leave their bicycle in Chilime or Tambuchet. From Syabru Bensi a jeep trail climbs in tight hairpin curves 795m up to a pass on the mountain. From the pass you have a great view on Langtang mountain, and it's good to have a tea-break there. On the other side you can see Tambuchet with the square lake of a hydro-power station. From here it's a steep and rocky 510m downhill to Tambuchet. Have an early lunch here, because Chilime is a bit too small. Leave your bike behind in Tamuchet or go on single track, about 2km to Chilime, and ask at a farmhouse if you can leave your bike in a shed there. Don't take it with you. Because from here you cross the river and it's a 4,5 km hike with 830m climbing up to Tatopani at 2600m altitude. You arrive early afternoon in Tatopani, which gives you plenty of time to enjoy the local hot spring: 3 basins with 6 sprouts provide a continues flow of hot, reddish (iron-oxide) spring water. Enjoyed by the locals as much as the tourists, it's a great way to end the day; soaking in a steaming hot bath, while looking at the Himalayas around you. There are at least 5 local hotels in Tatopani, who offer rooms for 300 Nrs a night (200 with discount, especially for you) and international food choices. No hot showers; but this is not needed because everyone uses the hot spring. Day 4-6: The next day, it's the same route back to Syabru Bensi, then Trisuli and Kathmandu. On day 4, take some time to look around in old & new Syabru Bensi. Day 5 back to Trisuli will be easier because you will face a long downhill. You can choose to put your bike on top of a bus in Syabru Bensi or Trisuli and drive back to Kathmandu the same day, to cut your trip short by 2 or 1 day.

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