Puente de Dios via Paso Ancho

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Puente de Dios via Paso Ancho is a 6.1 kilometer moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Tamasopo, San Luis Potosí, Mexico that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.

6.1 km
165 m
Out & Back

kid friendly




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wild flowers


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Puente de Dios is a recreational center located near the town of Tomasopo in S.L.P, Mexico, it has waterfalls and natural pools, it is an ideal place to swim and enjoy with the family. You can arrive to the entrance of this beautiful place in a vehicle, but if you want more fun you can walk to get to the same place along the river and then continue walking until where the river is born in the middle of the forest. The trail to arrive to Puente de Dios starts at the entrance of Paso Ancho. After you pay a fee at this point, you start walking by a well maintained trail that goes on the right side of a beautiful clear water river. You will enjoy a lot walking in the middle of plants and trees, seeing the river and hearing the sound of the water. In less than a mile you will arrive to the Puente de Dios area, you can swim in the pools or just contemplate the waterfalls, many people visit this place. You pass this place and continue on the trail on the left side of the river until an area where the river starts, you will find a small dam here where you can also swim, the water is very clear, you can see the stones on the bottom. Here you will see some springs leaving the mountain that fall into the river, you also will see the pipe line that brings this fresh water to the town. Cross the dam to the right side and continue in the same direction of the river, there is no trail marked here but you can easily walk until you do not see the river anymore, only rocks. Return by the same trail to the entrance of Paso Ancho, passing again by Puente de Dios. Stop at any part that you like, swim again if you wish or just contemplate this natural beauty, surely you had not seen something similar before. You can visit this place any time, but check the weather and availability before you plan to go.

3 months ago

Walking on this trail and contemplate the beauty of the river and the landscape, was an unforgettable experience. I did not believe that this beautiful place existed, beautiful waterfalls, natural pools to swim and a landscape that will leave you with the mouth open. I definitely come back again soon.