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Boca de Tomatlan to Quimixto Waterfall

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Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

Boca de Tomatlan to Quimixto Waterfall is a 10.7 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and nature trips and is best used from November until May. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

Distance: 10.7 miles Elevation Gain: 1,538 feet Route Type: Out & Back

dog friendly


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Take bus from Puerto Vallarta to Boca de Tomatlan (10 pesos one way). In Boca de Tomatlan look for the bridge across the river and follow the trail.

1 month ago

Hi- the stats here are completely wrong. This is over 12 miles one way. Beautiful and great waterfall and swimming hole. But takes an entire day. So plan to water taxi back.

4 months ago

this was my first solo hike in Mexico. I dug it. gorgeous scenery, plenty of swim options and a few margarita stops along the way. only cons were that unfortunately, there was a lot of animal (I hope) scat on the trail, which made parts of the hike really smelly. also, I was asked for a money by some guy who claimed to have been removing rocks from the trail ahead...

5 months ago

This was an incredibly picturesque trail. Anyone who starts from Las Animas instead of Boca is missing out. Yes, there is a cantina on the waterfall but buying a water of water gets you access. Although, pretty sure you could swim up the river and not pay to use the access point. Having bathrooms and changing rooms for wet clothes was well worth it. Out of respect for others, if you do this trail, please don't take donkey or horse. It isn't difficult elevation or terrain wise and the animal feces takes away from the experience.

Find nacho he has horses but he will also go for a scenic hike 200 pesos per person. He is the most fun and will take you where there aren’t other tourists.

off trail
5 months ago

Thu May 02 2019

Decent hike. We did it in 4.5 hours round trip. Things we didn’t expect; bars and restaurants along the way, so don’t worry about food and extra water. Also there’s water taxis from Las Anima and from Quimixto beach where the waterfall is, so if you get tired you can always take a taxi back for between 80-150 pesos/person. Once you get there don’t expect a serene natural waterfall though; there’s a bar, restaurant and the pool is there because sand bags blocking the flow of water. Overall a good work out though.

Fri Mar 29 2019

Nice walk but took longer then expected due to quite a few steep inclines. Make sure you bring lots of apples for the horses just before the waterfall. Many appear underfed. We took a taxi back to Boca from the pier not far from waterfall. Once in Boca we took the public bus back to Puerto and it was like $2. The waterfall was nice but nothing amazing.

Fri Mar 15 2019

One of the most beautiful trails in area.

Thu Feb 07 2019

8km hike through the jungle on the shore of Banderas Bay. Beautiful views of the small, remote beaches. Nice waterfall where you can take a dip in a cool water. Access to the waterfall through the restaurant. On the way back, if you tired you can take water taxi back to Boca de Tomatlan instead of hiking (70 pesos).

Awesome trail. Bring lots apples and carrots for the horses. They look underfed and overworked. Ask for nacho he will show you a second waterfall. Must buy a drink to see waterfall, it is in a restaurant. 2$usd for water per person.

Fri Jan 11 2019

We just did part of this hike from Las Animas to the Cuale Waterfall at Quimixto. It took about 20 minutes and was well worth it! The waterfall was gorgeous and even had a natural water slide. The water was a bit cold but we all went for a dip before having a bite to eat at the restaurant. People can also rent horses to take them up to the waterfall, but this meant that there was a lot of horse poo on the trail - watch your step!

Thu Nov 15 2018

Gorgeous hike along the water! So beautiful, you run into a few beautiful beach areas. At the end you will reach the beach with different restaurants for food & drinks & water tools for activities or just simple chill & tan. You can hike it back to shore or take a water taxi back for one way is about 3-3.5 mile hike. A must do of your into our door adventures.

Sat Apr 28 2018

Make your way to Boca de Tomatlan and head straight down to the water. Turn left and walk upstream for 50-100 meters and you'll see a bridge across the river. That's where the trail starts. Cross the bridge and turn right. For the first half kilometer or so the trail winds amongst homes perched on the steep slope. It's easy to take a wrong turn onto a path leading to one of the homes but you won't be off trail for long. The trail hugs the coast so it's ocean views all the way. There are some gorgeous isolated beaches along the way as well. When in doubt just keep walking parallel to the ocean and you should be good. There are several places to stop along the way for a beer or snack. Once you reach Quimixto the trail winds amongst homes of the local inhabitants. Tons of colour here. Turn inland (left at the junction), cross the river bed and you'll hit a narrow road that leads to the trail again. Locals are super friendly, Just ask for 'cascade'. It's about 20 minutes from Quimixto. There's a restaurant at the waterfall so take your swimming suit for a cooling dip. It's fairly easy to grab a water taxi at Quimixto to get you back to Boca if you don't want to walk back. During the rainy season (July to October) I suspect this trail would be quite muddy but the falls would be great. November/December would be good months to hike this trail as the waterfall will be flush and there will be lots of canopy to keep you cooler on the trail. Towards the end of the dry season (April/May) most of the canopy is gone so you need sun screen.

5 months ago

Sat Apr 20 2019

Wed Sep 12 2018