Yamatokoriyama Shrines and Temples Walking Tour

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Yamatokoriyama Shrines and Temples Walking Tour is a 7.3 mile point-to-point trail located near Takadachō, Nara, Japan. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking, walking, road biking, and scenic driving.

7.3 miles
1266 feet
Point to Point

kid friendly


road biking

scenic driving


Horyu-ji Temple - the Birthplace and Home of Buddhism in Japan. Once departing the J.R.Yamatokoizumi Station, you soon find yourself weaving your way through narrow streets to your first destination - Koizumi-jinjya (Shrine). From here, you pass the homestead of Katagiri Sadamitsu before joining Route-123 and your ascent to Matsuo-dera Temple. Matsuo-dera is nestled amongst the forest of Matsuo-yama (Mt Matsuo) and overlooks the Yamato district and offers great views of the surrounding countryside, including Nara. After a stroll through the complex,y ou begin your descent through the forest exiting via a local golf-course where you will be greeted by some very-nice picturesque Japanese countryside.Soon you will exit this road, in favor of a cycle/pedestrian way that will take you to Horin-ji Temple. This is an ideal spot to take a bite-to-eat, but the caretakers of the complex have asked that you don't consume your lunch within the complex. Not to worry,a hundred meters down the road is a sheltered seating area for you to relax. To get here you again have to weave your way through some narrow streets and some quaint Japanese houses. Adjacent to Chugu-ji is Horyu-ji Temple. After exiting Horyu-ji, you join a short boulevard (Route-146) lined with many Sakura (Cherry trees) and Willow, the perfect end (almost) to your day. A 20-minute walk from here takes you to the J.R. Horyu-ji Station, and home.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

You did a nice job integrating historical information into this guide, Barry. It is extremely interesting.