Daigo-ji Temple Walking Tour

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Daigo-ji Temple Walking Tour is a 5.5 mile loop trail located near 乙訓郡, Kyoto, Japan that offers scenic views. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking and walking.

5.5 miles
1807 feet

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Daigo-ji Temple is the headquarters of the Daigo branch of the Shingon mission. It was built by a Buddhist monk named Shobo Rigen Daishi in 874. Daigo-ji temple is situated at Mt Kasatori (Mt Daigo), and the complex covers the mountain from top-to-bottom. The area, on the top of the mountain, is commonly known as Kami-Daigo (the upper part of Daigo), while the expanse at the foot of the mountain, is called Shimo-Daigo (the lower part of Daigo). With more than 1,000-years of history, Daigo-ji temple has retained an important position in the history of Buddhism in Japan. Many of it's artifacts, protected for a long period of time, have been designated as "National Treasures" and "Important Cultural Assets". In 1994, Daigo-ji temple was registered as a "World Cultural Heritage Site" by U.N.E.S.C.O. Many annual events, having a long history and tradition, are still held, including, in particular, the "Godai-Rikison Minno-e Festival", held each February. This is a contest where participants compete to see who can lift and hold huge amounts of Mochi (steam pounded rice). On the night of August 5th, Daigo-ji temple is surrounded by the lights of candles and paper-lanterns, which bless all life."Cherry Blossom" season (April/May) is also a popular time to be visiting Daigo-ji temple.